Province of Benguet

Queen of the North 2021

We wish you good luck, Ms. Mary Jennifer Moltio, on your journey in the search for the Queen of the North 2021.

Ms. Moltio is representing the Province of Benguet and will be competing with other beauties from all other provinces in the Northern Luzon. The coronation night will be held on August 28, 2021 in Tarlac.

While the day of the coronation is fast approaching, you can vote for our queen by following these steps:

1. React and Share this ( on your timeline and use the following hashtags: #QueenoftheNorth2021#ApatDapat#Candidate(Name) (Take a screenshot)
1 Share = 1 Point
1 React = 1 Point

2. Follow and Subscribe Apat Dapat TV Channel social media pages, take a screenshot and comment it together with your Candidate’s Name.
1 Page Follow = 1 Point
1 YT Subscription = 3 Points

The candidate who has the highest points will receive a special award.Voting ends on August 27, 11:59PM