Province of Benguet

Kapangan District Hospital

Provincial Departments
Dr. Reynelle Del Amor
Chief of Hospital
Ensure improvement of quality of life in Benguet.
Benguet: A haven of sustainable communities
1. Provision of hospital services (Curative and rehabilitative services) for all life stages geared towards attainment of Universal Health Care.
1-a). In-patient services
1-b). Out-patient services
1-C). Emergency Room Services
1-d). Ancillary Services - Pharmacy, Laboratory, Nutrition, etc.
1-e). Delivery Room Services
1-f). Telehealth/Teleconsultation
1-g). Administrative and Support Services
2. Provision of Public Health (Preventive, Surveillance, DRRM-H, HEPO) service through the Public Health Unit
3. Provision of education, training, learning and development for Human Resources for Health or Healthcare providers
4. Participation in ethical research
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