Province of Benguet

Infra Bidding Document

Bids and Awards Committee
Project TitleOpening Date
A. Construction of Suyoc Hanging Bridge, Suyoc, Gadang, Kapangan/ B.(additional)02/07/2023
Completion of Senior Citizen Building, Balabak, Kapangan02/07/2023
Completion of Open Gym at Balanac, Bobok-Bisal, Bokod02/07/2023
Improvement of Bokig FMR, Tawangan, Kabayan02/07/2023
Improvement of Benguet National High School, Wangal, La Trinidad02/07/2023
Improvement of Keystone Ucab Access Road Poblacion, Itogon located at Barangay Ucab and Poblacion Itogon02/07/2023
Construction of Barangay Hall Phase II, Bagong, Sablan02/07/2023
Improvement along Buhaw Road, Puguis, La Trinidad02/07/2023
Construction of Marivic Multi-Purpose Training Center, Sapid, Mankayan (Phase II)02/07/2023
Construction Extension of Senior Citizens Building (Upper Loakan), Loakan, Itogon02/07/2023
Opening/Improvement of FMR Banayakeo Proper to Botiwtiw, Poblacion, Atok, Benguet02/07/2023
Construction of Stage With Comfort Room and Dressing Room, at Bakun Central Elementary School, Poblacion, Bakun10/11/2022
Improvement of Maggangan FMR, Maggangan, Guinaoang, Mankayan10/11/2022
Rehabilitation/Improvement of Pokit FMR at Pokit, Poblacion, Atok11/08/2022
Rehabilitation of Bucao-Abucot-Taltalpok FMR, Eddet, Kabayan11/08/2022
Rehabilitation of Bot-oan - Ponopon Road (Ganggangan Section), Catlubong, Buguias09/20/2022
Renovation of Annex A Building for Dialysis Expansion at Benguet General Hospital, La Trinidad, Benguet09/20/2022
Improvement of Mutlipurpose Hall Camp 4, Tuba11/08/2022
Opening of Agay-ay Tamangan Farm to Market Road, Kayapa, Bakun08/30/2022
Rehabilitation Improvement of Pokit FMR at Pokit, Poblacion, Atok11/08/2022
Opening of Agay-ay Tamangan Farm to Market Road, Kayapa, Bakun10/11/2022
Improvement of Mutlipurpose Hall Camp 4, Tuba09/20/2022
Perimeter Fence Installation with Two(2) Sub-gates at Lam-ayan Integrated School, Lam-ayan Baculongan Norte, Buguias09/20/2022
Improvement Riprapping of Manaba-Colocol Farm to Market Road, Manaba, Bulalacao, Mankayan09/20/2022
Improvement of Talabis Elementary School, Bangao, Buguias10/25/2022
Improvement of Senior Citizen Building and Ground, Poblacion, Buguias08/30/2022
Improvement of PEO Building, PEO Compound, Wangal, La Trinidad, Benguet11/08/2022
Opening Improvement of Simpa Farm to Market Road, Ampucao, Itogon10/11/2022
Improvement of Simpa Gym, Ampucao, Itogon08/30/2022
Improvement of Shelpi Waterworks System, Poblacion, Sablan10/25/2022
Improvement of Panig-an Tamangan Bayan Section FMR Phase II, Sebang, Buguias09/20/2022
Improvement of Child Development Center Development Center with Fencing and Improvement of Stairway, Gumatdang, Itogon08/30/2022
Improvement along Mencio Provincial Road (Sowe-Naguey), Atok08/30/2022
Improvement of J204 - Buas Access Road, Bangao, Buguias10/25/2022
Improvement along Longboy-Tacal Farm to Market Road Labueg, Kapangan11/08/2022
Improvement of Dorencio Elementary School, Coroz, Ambassador, Tublay09/20/2022
Improvement of Binatangan Barangay Road, Tuding, Itogon09/20/2022
Improvement and Opening of Tapaya to Lab-ang FMR Ampucao, Itogon10/11/2022
Improvement of Kayapa to Legab FMR Caang Section, Kayapa, Bakun10/11/2022
Improvement of Existing Cold Chain Building (Phase 2)08/30/2022
Improvement of Ay-ay to Cabutotan Farm to Market Road, Ampusongan, Bakun08/30/2022
Improvement of Barangay Road Going to Bedbed National High School Bedbed, Mankayan10/25/2022
Improvement of Barangay Multipurpose Building, Ballay, Kabayan09/20/2022
Improvement of Guadayan Community Road, Puguis, La Trinidad08/30/2022
Improvement of Japos-Botot Local Access Road, Banengbeng, Sablan10/11/2022
Improvement of Multi-Purpose Building (Phase III) Panad West, Poblacion, Mankayan10/11/2022
Improvement of FMR at Saguilic, Ampucao, Itogon09/20/2022
Improvement of Mangakew to Third Tower Farm to Market Road, Poblacion, Bokod08/30/2022
Improvement and or Rehabilitation of Dalicno Ampucao Road10/25/2022
Improvement of Ambabag-Lip-atan Farm to Market Road, Ambabag, Guinaoang, Mankayan10/11/2022
Improvement of Maggangan Farm to Market Road, Maggangan, Guinaoang, Mankayan10/11/2022
Construction of Multi-Purpose Gym, Datakan, Kapangan10/25/2022
Construction of Naubanan to Daklan Waterworks (Additional), Daclan, Bokod10/25/2022
Construction of Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall at Salpang ES, Taloy Sur, Tuba08/30/2022
Improvement along Longboy - Tacal Farm to Market Road Labueg, Kapangan09/20/2022
Construction of St. Andrew's Covered Court Open Gym, Dontog, Paykek, Kapangan10/11/2022
Construction of Senior Citizen Multi-Purpose Building at Keyang, Gadang, Kapangan, Benguet10/25/2022
Construction of Subclinic at Tawang, Beleng-belis, Kapangan11/08/2022
Construction of Waterworks System at Canubas, Camp 4, Tuba11/08/2022
Construction of Mutli-Purpose Stage at Keweng, Tinongdan, Itogon (Phase III)10/25/2022
Construction of Pavement along JBPLS Lam-ayan Palangsay Road (Josefa Subaday Section), Lam-ayan, Bangao, Buguias10/25/2022
Construction of Otbong Anchokey Farm to Market Road Provincial Road, Anchokey, Kabayan10/11/2022
Ground Development of Pasbol Belino Elementary School, Sebang, Buguias10/25/2022
Construction of Protection Wall and Canal at Mantiyeng ES, Cabiten, Mankayan10/25/2022
Construction of Flood Control, Gold Stream, Camp 4, Tuba11/08/2022
Desiltation and Extension of Flood Control at Sabdang Flood Control Dam, Poblacion, Sablan, Benguet09/20/2022
Construction of Stage with Comfort Room and Dressing Room at Bakun Central Elementary School, Poblacion, Bakun10/11/2022
Construction of Flood Control at Proper Gusaran, Kabayan08/30/2022
Construction of Flood Control Pas-adan Agno River Pas-adan, Lengaoan Section, Lengaoan, Buguias10/25/2022
Construction of Vehicular Bridge Balding Camp 3, Tuba, Benguet11/08/2022
Improvement along Ay-ay to Mabilig FMR, Ampusongan, Bakun, Benguet09/20/2022
A. Construction of Provincial Fish Hatchery and Grow-out Pond B. Construction and Installation of Techno-Demo of Aquaponic08/30/2022
Construction of Cabuguiasan Elementary School Buidling, Natubleng, Buguias11/08/2022
Construction of Barangay Hall, Phase III, Taba-ao, Kapangan09/20/2022
Construction of Access Road to Barangay Hall Naguey, Atok11/08/2022
Completion of Child Development Center/ Multi-Purpose Building at Proper Gaswiling, Kapangan, Benguet10/11/2022
Construction of Barangay Hall, Karao, Bokod10/11/2022
Construction Improvement of Paalaban Waterworks, Paalaban, Paco, Mankayan10/11/2022
Construction of Canal and Riprap at Poblacion, Central, Kapangan, Benguet10/25/2022
Construction of Bridge Connecting Bulalacao Cave and Dangwa Cave and Improvement of Access of Both Caves, Taba-ao, Kapangan11/08/2022
A. Improvement of JFMR CTS73-Posel-Kayang-Ampetang Road, Ampetang, Poblacion, Buguias09/20/2022
Construction of Community Access Road at San Pascual, Tuba09/20/2022
Construction of Balili National High School Gym Phase II, Balili, Mankayan10/11/2022
Completion of Welcome Marker with CR at Binga Heritage Site, Tinongdan, Itogon08/30/2022
Construction Completion of Retaining Wall along Sitio Batbato, Cabiten, Mankayan08/30/2022
Improvement of School Ground of Kiwas Integrated School, Tadiangan, Tuba09/20/2022
Completion of Evacuation Center, Taneg, Mankayan10/11/2022
Construction of Flood Control at Damujak, Poblacion, Bokod, Benguet08/30/2022
Completion of Gym at Nalseb Elementary School, Ambassador, Tublay10/11/2022
Construction of Canal at Sayapot Balili, Mankayan08/30/2022
Construction of a Home Economics Building (H.E.) at Taloy Sur National High School, Duplac, Taloy Sur, Tuba11/08/2022
Improvement Along Lomon-Paykek Provincial Road, Kapangan04/04/2023
Rehabilitation Improvement of Sagubo-Gadang FMR (Copias Area), Gadang, Kapangan04/04/2023
Improvement of Barangay Hall, Twin Peaks, Tuba04/04/2023
Improvement Completion of DRRM Building04/04/2023
Improvement of Sookan-Gambang FMR, Bakun04/04/2023
Construction of Retaining Wall Phase II at Beyeng FMR, Poblacion, Bakun04/04/2023
Construction of Slope Protection of the Multi Purpose Hall at Masala, Madaymen04/04/2023
Improvement of Mayan Flood Control, Ampusongan, Bakun04/04/2023
Improvement of Moling-Cada FMR, Balili, Mankayan04/04/2023
Improvement of Tabbacan to Deweg FMR, Ampusongan, Bakun04/04/2023
Opening of Pulag Asob Road, Barangay Gambang, Bakun04/11/2023
Improvement along Asan Norte to Bangol FMR, Ansagan, Tuba04/11/2023
Road Improvement at Baweng Pokingan Dagadag, Barangay Balili, Mankayan04/11/2023
Improvement of Jose Mencio Provincial Road, Naguey Section, Atok04/11/2023
Improvement and Completion of Barangay Health Station, Banangan, Sablan04/11/2023
Improvement along Kias-Padcal-Philex Provincial Road, Itogon04/11/2023
Improvement of Motyocna-Mankaet FMR, Sebang, Buguias04/11/2023
Construction of Pump House/Comfort Room at Potato Seed Production Nursery, Wangal, La Trinidad04/11/2023
Improvement along Sayangan-Bacayao FMR Taloy Norte, Tuba04/11/2023
Improvement of Kayang-Ampetang FMR, Poblacion, Buguias04/11/2023
Improvement along Twin Peaks-Tabaan Sur-Tabaan Norte-Pugo Provincial Road, Tuba04/11/2023
Improvement of Akment FMR, Bulalacao, Mankayan04/11/2023
Construction of Ampusongan Flood Control, Ampusongan, Bakun04/11/2023
Construction of Flood Control and Drainage Canal, Naba, Poblacion, Bakun04/11/2023