Province of Benguet

H&C Purchase Order

Bids and Awards Committee
CONTRACT/PUrchase order

The Province of Benguet, through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), invites
contractors registered with and classified by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation
Board (PCAB) to apply for eligibility and to bid for the hereunder contracts.

Project TitleDate Posted
PR 2022-06-110 Steritex Medical System11/25/2022
PR 2022-06-110 Zuellig Pharma Corporation08/30/2022
PR 2022-06-111 Saviour Medevices Inc08/19/2022
PR 2022-07-134 Catalyst Computer Office Equipment Wholesaling09/27/2022
PR 2022-08-185 Getz Bros Philippines Inc12/16/2022
PR 2022-10-177 NPK Medical Trading Inc11/21/2022
PR 2022-10-179 Northeast Medical Trading11/21/2022
PR 2022-10-184 Corbridge Group Philippines Inc12/15/2022
PR 2022-10-185 Steritex Medical System12/16/2022
PR 2022-11-192 ABC Biomedical Devices Services and Trade Co12/12/2022
PR 2023-01-006 Respicare Entrerprises Inc02/06/2023
PR 2023-02-013 TSH Corporation02/17/2023
PR 2022-08-185-Getz Bros Philippines Inc12/16/2022
PR 2022-08-1366 Zuellig Pharma Corporation11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Rem Citimed Pharma Distributor11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Euro-Med Laboratories Philippines Inc11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Metro Drug Inc11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-E-Life Pharma Inc11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Onicare Pharma Trading & General Merchandise11/10/2022
PR 2022-10-185-E-Life Pharma Inc12/16/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Medhaus Pharma Inc11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Steritex Medical System11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Westellar Enterprises11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Phil Pharmawealth Inc11/10/2022
PR 2022-08-1366-Natrapharm Inc11/10/2022
PR 2022-10-185 Onicare Pharma Trading & General Merchandis12/16/2022
PR 2022-11-190 Northeast Medical Trading12/16/2022
PR 2022-10-184 Northeast Medical Trading (1)12/15/2022
PR 2022-10-185 Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc12/16/2022
PR 2022-10-184 Northeast Medical Trading (2)12/16/2022
PR 2022-11-190 Berovan Marketing, Inc12/16/2022
PR 2022-10-185 Zuellig Pharma Corporation12/16/2022
PR 2022-08-166A Healthrush Enterprises11/22/2022
PR 2022-08-166A Northeast Medical Trading10/17/2022
PR 2022-09-161 Globo Asiatico Enterprises, Inc12/15/2022
PR 2022-01-011-Akiya Hardware 12/15/2022
PR 2022-09-160-Gruppo Technico Medico Internationale Inc11/08/2022
PR 2022-08-1436-Northeast Medical Trading10/27/2022
PR 2022-12-195-Omnibus Bio-Medical Systems Inc12/27/2022
PR 2022-02-0467-Biosite Medical Instruments06/07/2022
PR 2022-10-179-Saviour Medevices Inc11/29/2022
PR 2022-06-111- Patient Care Corporation10/03/2022
PR 2022-10-189-Philippine Blue Cross Biotech Corporation12/06/2022
PR 2021-09-169-Patient Care Corporation12/01/2021
PR 2022-08-111-Endure Medical Inc08/19/2022
PR 2022-05-078-Metro Drug Inc07/21/2022
PR 2022-02-0474-Northeast Medical Trading07/18/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Jayyam Enterprises06/17/2022
PR 2022-09-161-Pharmedic11/10/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Patient Care Corporation07/05/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Steritex Medical System06/17/2022
PR 2022-09-160-NPK Medical Trading Incorporated11/04/2022
PR 2022-09-160-Metphil Medical Company11/04/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Panamed Philippines Incorporated06/17/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Endure07/05/2022
PR 2022-09-1559-Marc-Ernan11/11/2022
PR 2022-10-1735-Blessed SJ11/17/2022
PR 2022-08-1436-Biosite10/20/2022
PR 2022-07-1233-Levins09/09/2022
PR 2022-03-0543-SC Med09/06/2022
PR 2022-08-1356-Jayyam11/29/2022
PR 2022-09-1508-Steritex10/20/2022
PR 2022-09-160-NPK Medical11/04/2022
PR 2022-10-1787-REM Citi11/08/2022
PR 2021-09-1235-Zymed Medical Distributor11/10/2021
PR 2021-02-0303-Malyka International Trading Corp07/14/2021
PR 2021-02-0064-MRL Cybertec Corporation04/22/2021
PR 2021-01-0092-Zymed Medical Distributors07/06/2021
PR 2021-02-0064-Northeast Medical Trading04/22/2021
PR 2022-10-177-Respicare Enterprises11/21/2022
PR 2022-09-1508-Zymed10/20/2022
PR 2022-10-179-Eaglenorth Medical Trading11/21/2022
PR 2022-10-179-Prowealth Industries11/25/2022
PR 2022-09-1559-Irvine True11/11/2022
PR 2022-09-1490-Murex Diagnostics10/13/2022
PR 2022-09-1497-Rem Citimed10/14/2022
PR 2022-04-075-Levins International Corporation06/07/2022
PR 2022-08-145-Xamax Gen Enterprises09/06/2022
PR 2022-01-011-Wilconstruct Enterprises03/03/2022
PR 2022-09-171-Vallery Enterprise11/04/2022
PR 2022-08-155-Biosite Medical Instruments10/07/2022
PR 2022-06-111-Eaglenorth09/08/2022
PR 2022-06-111-Berovan Marketing08/19/2022
PR 2022-10-179-IDS Medical Systems11/21/2022
PR 2022-02-036-Medical Center Trading Corporation04/12/2022
PR 2022-08-139-CA Bliss10/17/2022
PR 2022-09-176 Eaglenorth Medical Trading11/29/2022
PR 2022-09-160-NPK Medical Trading11/04/2022
PR 2022-01-023-Metro Drug04/28/2022
PR 2022-09-161-The Pharmedic Corporation11/10/2022
PR 2022-04-075-Alpha Medicos06/07/2022
PR 2022-09-110-Steritex11/25/2022
PR 2022-09-161-The Pharmedic Corporation11/04/2022
PR 2022-09-162-RBGM Medical Express11/04/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Northeast Medical Trading06/17/2022
PR 2022-11-794-DOERS MPC12/07/2022
PR 2022-09-1490-Murex10/13/2022
PR 2022-10-177-Respicare11/21/2022
PR 2022-09-1559-Irvine11/11/2022
PR 2022-10-1466-Rem Citimed10/14/2022
PR 2022-10-179-Prowealth11/25/2022
PR 2022-10-179-Eaglenorth11/21/2022
PR 2022-10-1787-Wisenheimer11/06/2022
PR 2022-09-160-NPK11/04/2022
PR 2022-09-161-Pharmedic A11/04/2022
PR 2022-08-155-Biosite10/07/2022
PR 2022-02-036-MCTC04/12/2022
PR 2022-09-176-Eaglenorth11/29/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Steritex06/17/2022
PR 2022-04-075-Levins01/07/2022
PR 2022-06-111-Berovan08/19/2022
PR 2022-02-0499-Northeast06/17/2022
PR 2022-09-171-Vallery11/04/2022
PR 2022-10-179-IDS11/21/2022
PR 2022-09-110-Steritex10/25/2022
PR 2022-04-075-Alpha Med06/07/2022
PR 2022-01-011-Wilconstruct03/03/2022
PR 2022-08-145-Xamax09/06/2022
PR 2022-09-1508-Malyka10/20/2022
PR 2022-09-1497-PNFC10/14/2022
PR 2022-08-155-Zuellig10/17/2022
PR 2022-08-159-Cosco10/17/2022
PR 2022-06-111-MCTC08/19/2022
PR 2022-04-085-PCC06/17/2022
PR 1022-08-151-Oxford09/08/2022
PR 2022-01-021-Mapecon03/21/2022
PR 2022-08-150-Catalyst10/03/2022
PR 2022-06-110-Metro Drug08/30/2022
PR 2022-06-111-Northeast08/19/2022
PR 2022-09-171-Tai Med11/04/2022
PR 2022-07-127-Cleanway08/18/2022
PR 2022-08-155-Quinta10/07/2022
PR 2022-09-1508 MALYKA International10/20/2022
PR 1022-05-0921-ZYMED Medical09/08/2022
PR 2022-08-166A-BIOSITE Medical10/17/2022
PR 2022-08-150-TSB BAZAAR10/03/2022
PR 2022-08-148-COPYLANDIA09/20/2022
PR 2022-08-150-CA BLISS10/03/2022
PR 2022-09-1497-BCV General Merchandise10/14/2022
PR 2022-08-155-PROWEALTH Industries10/07/2022
PR 2022-08-155-MUREX Diagnostics10/07/2022
PR 2022-06-111-QUINTA MEDICA10/03/2022
PR 2022-07-123-EQUIPLINKNET09/27/2022
PR 2022-06-112-GETZ BROS. Phil.09/06/2022
PR 1022-05-092-ZYMED Medical09/08/2022
PR 2022-08-HEXACOM Enterprise10/04/2022
PR 2022-04-077-PATIENT CARE Corp.06/28/2022
PR 2022-06-111-PANAMED Phil08/19/2022
PR 2022-06-110-EURO-MED Laboratories08/30/2022
PR 2022-01-020-CLEANWAY03/02/2022
PR 2022-06-104-NEW BORN08/31/2022
PR 2022-07-132-XAMAX08/19/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-MALYKA International04/08/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-ZUELLIG Pharma04/08/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-PHIL PHARMAWEALTH Inc.04/08/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-GETZ BROS04/08/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-EURO-MED Laboratories04/08/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-ONICARE Pharma04/08/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-METRO DRUG Inc.04/08/2022
PR 2022-01-0001-MEDHAUS Pharma Inc04/08/2022
PR 1022-05-0921-Zymed09/08/2022
PR 2022-08-153-GAKKEN, Inc.10/03/2022
PR 2022-06-119-F.I General08/17/2022
PR 2022-07-134-HEXACOM Enterprises09/27/2022
PR 2022-08-150-HEXACOM Enterprises10/03/2022
PR 2022-06-112-NORTHIGH Medical08/18/2022
PR 2022-06-120-F.I General08/17/2022
PR 2022-06-112-MACBURG Philippines Inc.09/29/2022
PR 2022-06-112-SC MED Partners Inc.09/06/2022
PR 2022-06-112-SAVIOR-CARE Pharma09/06/2022
PR 2022-06-111-STERITEX Medical System08/19/2022
PR 2022-04-0074-SAVIOUR Medevices, Inc.05/30/2022
PR 2022-06-110-EURO-MED Laboratories Phil., Inc.09/27/2022
PR 2022-06-111-PROWEALTH Industries09/08/2022
PR 2022-05-099-WELLNESS PRO Inc.07/20/2022
PR 2022-06-110-ZUELLIG Pharma Corp.08/30/2022
PR 2022-06-116-QUEBY Enterprises07/27/2022
PR 2022-01-021-MAPECON Philippines, Inc.03/21/2022
PR 2022-02-049-AUFMCI09/28/2022
PR 2022-04-075-NORTHEAST Medical Trading06/23/2022
PR 2022-02-049-AUFMCI03/17/2022
PR 2022-06-110-ZUELLIG Pharma Corporation.08/30/2022
PR 2022-01-001-EURO-MED Laboratories04/08/2022
PR 2022-06-117-Copylandia07/19/2022
PR 2022-07-128-Chemvalley08/18/2022
PR 2022-08-140-DOERS MPC08/26/2022
PR 2022-08-150-Copylandia09/08/2022
PR 2022-07-138-Philcare08/18/2022
PR 2022-07-133-Biosite08/26/2022
PR 2022-08-144-ABC Medical08/26/2022
PR 2022-06-116-Colada07/27/2022
PR 2022-06-116-HDR Plastic07/27/2022
PR 2022-06-116-The Stable07/27/2022
PR 2022-07-126-Copylandia08/19/2022
PR 2022-06-116-RPD Chem07/27/2022
PR 2022-07-124-RBC-MDC08/18/2022
PR 2022-06-112-Northeast08/17/2022
PR 2022-06-106-JJC-Med07/29/2022
PR 2022-04-077-IDS Medical06/17/2022
PR 2022-04-071-Blue Sky05/25/2022
PR 2022-05-099-Omnibus Bio-Medical07/20/2022
PR 2022-06-107-Botjack07/19/2022
PR 2022-06-110-RBC-MDC08/30/2022
PR 2022-01-022-Getz Bros04/18/2022
PR 2022-06-115-Banbee07/28/2022
PR 2022-06-115-The Stable07/28/2022
PR 2022-06-112 -SC-Med09/06/2022
PR 2022-06-111-Healthrush08/19/2022
PR 2022-05-099-Respicare07/20/2022
PR 2022-04-075-Conecta06/07/2022
PR 2022-04-073-IDS Medical06/07/2022
PR 2022-04-075-Zymed Medica06/23/2022
PR 2022-04-085-NPK Medical07/17/2022
PR 2022-04-078-Zuellig07/21/2022
PR 2022-04-075-Euro-Med05/24/2022
PR 2022-04-0455-Sobimed AS05/04/2022
PR 2022-02-036 Biosite Medical Instruments04/12/2022
PR 2022-04-075 Murex Diagnostic Products Specialists06/07/2022
PR 2022-06-110 Zuellig Pharma Corporation11/25/2022
PR 2022-07-134 Laser Marketing12/12/2022
PR 2022-09-173 Zuellig Pharma Corporation10/17/2022
PR 2022-10-185 RBC-MDC Corporation12/16/2022
PR 2022-10-186 Glotoc Tools And Industrial Sales12/15/2022
PR 2022-11-190-Jayyam Enterprises12/16/2022
PR 2023-01-007-Copylandia Office Systems Corporation02/21/2023
PR 2023-01-006-Patient Care Corporation02/06/2023
PR 2022-10-189 Patient Care Corporation12/06/2022
PR 2022-10-184 Panamed Philippines Inc12/15/2022
PR 2022-04-078 Steritex Mediccal System07/21/2022
PR 2023-01-002 Distribution Solutions Philippines Inc03/09/2023
PR 2023-01-002 Globo Asiatico Enterprises Inc03/09/2023
PR 2023-02-017 Hernz Hogs / Consumer Trading04/03/2023
PR 2023-02-018 Akiya Hardware03/27/2023
PR 2023-02-019 Glotoc Tools and Industrial Sales Center03/27/2023
PR 2023-02-020 Wilconstruct Enterprises03/27/2023
PR 2023-02-021 Remitechs Electrical Services03/27/2023
PR 2023-02-022 Oxford Distributions Inc04/03/2023
PR 2023-02-028 Omnibus Bio-Medical System Inc04/17/2023
PR 2023-02-0422 Malyka International Trading Corp04/05/2023
2022-11-191 Centigrade Refrigeration and Home Appliances Service Center12/27/2022
PR 2022-09-167 Wilconstruct Enterprises 12/23/2022
PR 2022-10-187 Colada Janitorial Services12/28/2022
PR 2022-10-188-Carebest International Security Services Inc12/28/2022
PR 2023-02-018 Glotoc Tools And Industrial Sales Center(1)06/19/2023
PR 2023-02-018 Glotoc Tools And Industrial Sales Center(2)06/19/2023
PR 2023-02-018 Wi-al Construction Builders04/03/2023
PR 2023-02-024 Servo-Treat Philippines Inc04/17/2023
PR 2023-02-025 Eddiecon Enterprises04/03/2023
PR 2023-02-027 Trulaboratories Corporation05/08/2023
PR 2023-02-030 B.Medventuires Inc05/26/2023
PR 2023-02-030 De Curtain Shop05/26/2023
PR 2023-02-0345 AUFMCI03/28/2023
PR 2023-02-0359 AUFMCI03/28/2023
PR 2023-02-0379 AUFMCI03/28/2023
PR 2023-02-0454 AUFMCI03/28/2023
PR 2023-03-035 Laser Marketing06/08/2023
PR 2023-03-038 Prowealth Industries05/16/2023
PR 2023-04-046 AUFMCI06/01/2023
PR 2023-04-048 TSH Corporation05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-030-Singer Family Marketing05/26/2023
PR 2022-03-0605-Endure Medical Inc06/17/2022
PR 2023-05-0910-Tower Mecical Distribution Co Inc06/26/2023
PR 2023-02-0513-Northeast Medical Trading04/05/2023
PR 2023-02-0404-Malyka International Trading Corp04/05/2023
PR 2023-01-0126-CRD Veterinary Products Trading06/15/2023
PR 2022-12-0165-Metro Drug Inc12/16/2022
PR 2022-10-185 Metro Drug Inc12/16/2022
PR 2023-05-0959 JCB Medical Supply Trading07/11/2023
PR 2023-05-0954 BCV Genral Merchandise07/06/2023
PR 2023-02-0351 BCV General Merchandise05/26/2023
PR 2023-05-0870 BCV General Merchandise07/04/2023
PR 2023-05-0954 Malyka International Trading Corp07/06/2023
PR 2023-05-0955 JCB Medical Supply Trading07/11/2023
PR 2023-02-016 Jayyam Enterprises05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-027 Jayyam Enterprises05/08/2023
PR 2023-02-027 Levins International Corporation05/08/2023
PR 2023-02-027 Northeast Medical Trading05/08/2023
PR 2023-03-035 Kadasan Office and School Supplies Trading06/08/2023
PR 2023-06-059 Pitaco Bulls Cafe07/03/2023
PR 2023-02-030 Queby Enterprises05/26/2023
PR 2023-03-035 The Stable Educational Supply06/08/2023
PR 2023-02-021 Wilconstruct Enterprises03/27/2023
PR2023-02-029 Zafire Distributors Inc06/08/2023
PR 2023-02-018 Wilconstruct Enterprises04/03/2023
PR 2023-02-019 Akiya Hardware03/27/2023
PR 2023-02-027 Jerr Marketing06/13/2023
PR 2023-03-035 CA Bliss Enterprises06/08/2023
PR 2023-03-038 BCV General Merchandise05/16/2023
PR 2023-03-038 EC Zuric Biotherapies06/08/2023
PR 2023-03-039 Wilconstruct Enterprises06/13/2023
PR 2023-04-043 Greenlane Medical06/19/2023
PR 2023-04-043 Northigh medical06/19/2023
PR 2023-04-043 Steritex medical system06/19/2023
PR 2023-04-044 AAA Pharma06/08/2023
PR 2023-05-051 Breeana Office07/03/2023
PR 2023-05-051 TSH Corporation07/03/2023
PR 2023-06-052 COPYLANDIA07/11/2023
PR 2023-02-0351 Malyka International Trading Corp05/26/2023
PR 2023-02-0502 SC Med Partners Inc06/09/2023
PR 2023-05-0943 Philippine Nutri-Foods Corporation06/26/2023
PR 2023-02-0421 Northeast Medical Trading06/20/2023
PR 2023-07-1244 BCV General Merchandise08/09/2023
PR 2023-02-0503 Jayyam Enterprises08/14/2023
PR 2023-02-0503 Murex Diagnostic Products Specialists08/14/2023
PR 2023-02-0503 Northeast Medical Trading06/21/2023
PR 2023-02-0503 Northeast Medical Trading08/14/2023
PR 2023-02-026 Berovan Marketing Inc05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-026 Genace Pharma Distributor05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-026 Mediccal Center Trading Corporation05/24/2023
PR 2023-03-040 Metro Drug Inc06/23/2023
PR 2023-02-016 Jayyam Enterprises05/25/2023
PR 203-02-029 Zafire Distributors Inc06/08/2023
PR 2023-02-026 Metro Drug Inc05/24/2023
PR 2023-03-041 Northeast Medical Trading05/30/2023
PR 2023-02-026 BCV General Merchandise05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-026 Endure Medical Inc05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-016 Northeast Medical Trading05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-027 Trulaboratories Corporation07/06/2023
PR 2023-03-036 Ban Bee Commercial Co Inc06/19/2023
PR 2023-02-022 Patient Care Corportation04/03/2023
PR 2023-04-044 Variance Trading Corporation06/08/2023
PR 2023-02-025 Eddiecon Enterprises04/03/2023
PR 2023-05-0954 REM Citimed Pharma Distributor07/06/2023
PR 2023-02-0378 Malyka Internatinal Trading Corp04/05/2023
PR 2023-03-037 Blue sky Tradig-04-12-23
PR 2023-02-030 B.MEDVENTURES06/08/2023
PR 2023-03-040 LUNARMED PHARMA TRADING06/23/2023
PR 2023-02-032 RESPICARE ENTERPRISES05/08/2023
PR 2023-02-017 TSB BAZAAR04/03/2023
PR 2023-06-062 STERITEX MEDICAL SYSTEM08/10/2023
PR 2023-06-062 AAA PHARMA INC08/10/2023
PR 2023-02-016 PATIENTCARE CORP05/24/2023
PR 2023-03-036 TSB BAZAAR06/19/2023
PR 2023-03-040 ZUELLIG PHARMA CORP06/23/2023
PR 2023-09-090 DOERS MULTI PURPOSE COOP09/22/2023
PR 2023-02-026 NORTHEAST MEDICAL TRADING05/24/2023
PR 2023-02-0403 Greenlane Medical Helath Ltd Compnay09/07/2023
PR 2023-05-0955 SC Med Partners Inc07/11/2023
PR 2023-05-0955 Jayyam Enterprises07/11/2023
PR 2023-05-0954 Malyka International Corp07/06/2023
PR 2023-06-1060 Malyka International Trading Corp07/11/2023
PR 2023-02-0503 Medical Center Trading Corporation08/14/2023
PR 2023-02-0390 Eaglenorth Medical Trading09/01/2023
PR 2023-02-0390 SC Med Partners Incorporated09/01/2023
PR 2023-08-1385 BCV Geneeral Merchandise10/04/2023
PR 2023-02-0390 Notheast Medical Trading09/01/2023
PR 2023-07-1272 Eaglenorth Medical Trading09/07/2023
PR 2023-02-0390 Berovan Marketing Inc09/01/2023
PR 2023-06-064 BLUE SKY TRADING08/10/2023
PR 2023-07-070 SAVIOUR MEDEVICES08/10/2023
PR 2023-06-062 AAA PHARMA INC.08/10/2023
PR 2023-06-063 VARIANCE TRADING CORP08/03/2023
PR 2023-06-062 NORTHEAST MEDICAL TRADING08/10/2023
PR 2023-02-027 ALPHA MEDICOS05/08/2023
PR 2023-02-027 MEDICAL CENTER TRADING CORP-05/08/2023
PR 2023-03-040 DISTIRBURION SOLUTIONS06/23/2023
PR 2023-09-095 MED-LINE DISTRIBUTOR10/16/2023
PR 2023-02-026 ENDURE MEDICAL, INC.08/11/2023
PR 2023-08-1416 Nurses Mates Medical Trading09/27/2023
PR 2023-06-1061 Wisenheimer Trading08/08/2023
PR 2023-02-0513 Zafire Distributors Inc04/05/2023
PR 2023-06-1061 Northeast Medical Trading11/13/2023
PR 2023-06-1061 Jayyam Enterprises07/13/2023
PR 2023-06-1061 Manzo Dental Supplies Trading11/13/2023
2023-06-1061 Murex Diagnostic Products Specialits07/13/2023
PR 2023-02-0403 Zymed Medical Distributor09/19/2023
PR 2023-02-0403 Steritex Medical System09/19/2023
PR 2023-07-1230 Malyka International Trading Corp09/12/2023
PR 2023-07-1230 Dynasty Pharmaceuticals09/12/2023
PR 2023-08-1316 Xamax General Enterprises10/26/2023
PR 2023-08-082 Jayyam Enterprises10/11/2023
PR 2023-08-083 Tri-I Consumer Goods10/11/2023
PR 2023-06-062 Wisenheimer Trading08/10/2023
PR 2023-02-026 Patient Care Corp05/24/2023
PR 2013-03-0600 Servo-Treat Philippines Inc05/26/2023
PR 2023-10-1724 Northeast Medical Trading11/22/2023
PR 2023-08-077 NORTHEAST MEDICAL TRADING10/27/2023
PR 2023-06-056 STA. ANA ENTERPRISES08/10/2023
PR 2023-06-055 TSS CORPORATION08/10/2023
PR 2023-07-073 NORTHEAST MEDICAL TRADING11/10/2023
PR 2023-06-1061 JCB Medical Supply Trading07/13/2023
PR 2023-09-1475 P and P Medical Supplies and General Merchandise10/11/2023
PR 2023-08-1449 Northeast Medcial Trading11/16/2023
PR 2023-02-0447 Northeast Medical Trading06/26/2023
PR 2023-08-083 TSB BAZAAR-10/11/2023
PR 2023-11-120 ABC BIOMEDICAL DEVICE12/19/2023
PR 2023-10-111 ABC BIOMEDICAL SERVICES11/28/2023
PR 2023-11-1941 Xamax General Enterprises12/13/2023
PR2023-10-1660 Xamax General Enterprises11/22/2023
PR 2023-02-0452 Panamed Philippines Inc11/22/2023
PR 2023-09-1605 NPK Medical Trading Inc12/12/2023
PR 2023-11-1942 Murex Diagnostic Products Specialists12/13/2023
PR 2023-11-1942 Marc Ernan Enterprises12/13/2023
PR 2023-11-1991 Jerr Marketing12/13/2023
PR 2023-12-130 LASER MARKETING-12/22/2023
PR 2023-12-130 HEXACOM ECNTERPRISES-12/22/2023
PR 2023-12-130 TSS CORPORATION-12/22/2023
PR 2023-10-1733 Wisenheimer Trading12/21/2023
PR 2023-10-1733 REM Citimed Pharma Distributor12/21/2023
PR 2023-11-1957 Patient Care Corporation12/13/2023
PR 2023-10-1733 Malyka International Trading Corp12/21/2023
PR 2023-06-1052 Jerr Marketing07/11/2023
PR 2023-02-0502 Greenlane Medical Health Ltd Co06/09/2023
PR 2023-05-0955 Eaglenorth Medical Trading07/11/2023
PR 2023-12-2018 BCV General Merchandise12/22/2023
PR 2023-10-1872 BCV General Merchandise12/19/2023
PR 2023-12-2018 Malyka International Trading Corp12/22/2023
PR 2023-02-0422 Northeast Medical Trading04/05/2023
PR 2023-06-1120-Northeast Medical Trading08/09/2023
PR 2023-09-1475 Orion Pharmaceutical Product Distribution10/11/2023
PR 202305-0919 Angeles University Foundation Medical Center Inc08/16/2023
PR 2023-01-0126 P and J Agricutural Trading Inc06/09/2023
PR 2023-06-056 PANAMED PHILIPPINES08/10/2023
PR 2023-09-095 MED-LINE DISTRIBUTOR11/16/2023
PR 2023-09-104 COPYLANDIA OFFICE SYSTEMS11/16/2023
PR 2023-08-077 NORTHIGH MEDICAL10/27/2023
PR 2023-09-103 NORTHEAST MEDICAL TRADING11/10/2023
PR 2023-06-1636 SGS Healthcare Co11/13/2023
PR 2023-05-0955 Northeast Medical Trading07/11/2023
PR 2023-08-087 MEDHAUS PHARMA11/09/2023
PR 2023-08-082 JERR MARKETING10/27/2023
PR 2023-08-082 MEDICAL CENTER TRADING11/09/2023
PR 2023-08-082 MUREX DIAGNOSTIC PRODUCTS10/11/2023
PR 2023-09-095 WISENHEIMER TRADING10/16/2023
PR 2023-09-103 OXFORD DISTIRBUTIONS11/10/2023
PR 2023-09-107 LASER MARKETING12/12/2023
PR 2023-11-1990 Xamax General Entrpirses12/22/2023
PR 2023-04-0457 Apache Bros Inc04/05/2023
PR 2023-03-0955 Malyka International Trading Corp07/11/2023
PR 2023-02-0502 BCV General Merchandise06/09/2023
PR 2023-02-022 NORTHEAST MEDICAL04/03/2023
PR 2023-06-058 XAMAX GENERAL ENT08/31/2023
PR 2023-08-080 CA BLISS ENTERPRISES11/30/2023
PR 2023-08-082 NORTHEAST MEDICAL TRADING11/09/2023
PR 2023-08-088 MEDICOS MARKETING11/28/2023
PR 2023-09-095 STERITEX MEDICAL SYSTEM10/16/2023
PR 2023-09-099 RPD CHEM11/10/2023
PR 2023-09-099 TSB BAZAAR11/10/2023
PR 2023-09-100 CA BLISS ENTERPRISES11/28/2023
PR 2023-09-100 TSB BAZAAR11/28/2023
PR 2023-09-103 ZUELLIG PHARMA CORP11/28/2023
PR 2023-11-116 PATIENTCARE CORP12/21/2023
PR 2023-09-100 STABLE EDUCATIONAL SUPPLY11/29/2023
PR 2023-02-0469 E-Life Pharma Inc08/22/2023
PR 2023-02-0351 E-Life Pharma In-6-09-2023
PR 2023-02-0351 E-Life Pharma Inc08/09/2023
PR 2023-09-089 PATIENT CARE CORP10/27/2023
PR 2023-11-126 TARLAC MAC ENT-REPEAT ORDER12/05/2023
PR 2023-11-119 TSB BAZAAR12/05/2023
PR 2023-08-085 BEROVAN MARKETING11/29/2023
PR 2023-08-085 CENTRO-MED11/29/2023
PR 2023-08-088 I-SENZ MEDICAL12/12/2023
PR 2023-08-087 DELEX PHARMA11/09/2023
PR 2023-09-107 TARLAC MAC ENTERPRISES11/09/2023
PR 2023-07-071 RESPICARE ENT10/16/2023
PR 2023-02-032 SAVIOUR MEDEVICES05/08/2023
PR 2023-08-085 PATIENT CARE CORPORATION11/29/2023
PR 2023-09-098 CENTRO-MED ENTERPRISES11/28/2023
PR 2023-11-116 PROWEALTH INDUSTRIES12/21/2023
PR 2023-12-129 DOLOMATRIX PHILS., INC.12/27/2023
PR 2024-02-0327 BGEMPC02/22/2024
PR 2023-10-108 TSH CORPORATIO-11-162023