Province of Benguet

New School Building For ALS In La Trinidad

New School Building For ALS In La Trinidad

The Provincial Government of Benguet headed by Governor Dr. Melchor Daguines Diclas has recently completed the construction of a two-storey school building for Alternarive Learning System (ALS) in Puguis, La Trinidad.
Governor Diclas said the provincial government allocated P3.2 million for the project in response to the needs of the community since the old one-storey classroom the community had been using was only made of light materials.
The new building has two classrooms which can accommodate 80-100 students. Learners are being managed on a scheduled basis.

 Puguis Barangay Chairperson Tyrone Diaz said the reconstruction of the ALS school building will surely benefit many especially those who are working and are still willing to go back to school regardless of their age.

Every school year, around 200-500 learners are enrolling at the ALS center in Puguis.
Michael Tamiray, District ALS Coordinator of La Trinidad, said their learners do not only come from Puguis, but the ALS center is also accommodating learners from nearby municipalities including those who are working at the trading areas in the province’s capital town.

“We also have senior citizen learners who are motivated to learn and to graduate basic education,” Tamiray added.

Tamiray expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Government of Benguet for considering their concerns as they have been borrowing classrooms from Puguis Elementary School just to implement their face-to-face learning modality.