Province of Benguet


Governor Dr. Melchor Daguines Diclas emerged as the frontrunner in a recent job performance survey conducted by Hypothesis Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

The independent and non-commissioned survey, conducted from December 17 to 30, 2023, garnered insights from 10,000 respondents in the different provinces in the region. The primary objective was to assess the job performances of the governors serving in the Cordillera region.

Governor Diclas secured a 93.7% job performance rating positioning him as the top performer in the survey. He was followed by Kalinga Governor James Edduba who received a rating of 93.4%, and Abra Governor Dominic Valera, with 92.8% rating.

According to Hypothesis Philippines’ social media post, the survey, dubbed “PULSO NG BAYAN,” engaged registered voters aged 18 to 70 residing in CAR. The sampling margin of error stood at +1/-1 percentage points with a confidence level of 95%. Respondents were randomly selected ensuring a fair representation across different cities and municipalities based on population voting data.

“The PULSO NG BAYAN 2024 serves as a reflection of the Filipino voice, providing valuable insights and avenues for governance that align with the needs and aspirations of the people,” the post highlighted.

As Benguet and the Cordillera region as a whole continue its journey towards development, Governor Diclas with his leadership anchored on his HEALTHIER Benguet Agenda remains commited to effective and responsive governance.