Province of Benguet

Farmers Son from Kapangan to Receive Napolcom Kampilan Award

Police Cadet Normin Asing Luis, a resident of Kapangan, Benguet, will be receiving the NAPOLCOM Kampilan Award during the Philippine National Police Academy MASIDTALAK Class of 2023 graduation this March.

“Just like the others he is just an ordinary person living a simple dream. A dream that someday he can bring home a victory that his parents can be proud of,” reads his introduction on Philippine National Police Academy – Justice, Integrity, Service’s social media post.

PCdt Luis is the son of Bert Luis and Erinie Luis who are both farmers in Kapangan.

“This success of mine is a simple gesture of honouring the hardship of my parents,” PCdt Luis stated in the same socmed post.

He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminology and also a passer of Criminologist Licensure Examination.

The Police Cadet recalled holding the roughness of his parents’ hands and the moments when his parents endured the scouring heat of the sun while he was under the shade of their school.

His parents would remind him that they could not give “a piece of land or money,” but the “greatest legacy they can only give is an education earned with the hardship of being a farmer.” 

Congratulations, Police Cadet Normin Asing Luis, from the Provincial Government of Benguet headed by Governor Dr. Melchor Daguines Diclas. May your leadership inspire many more young people ahead.