Provincial Veterinary Office

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Provincial Veterinary Office
Miriam V. Tiongan
Provincial Veterinarian
The people of Benguet enjoying sufficiency to safe and quality meat, fish, honey and their products and living in a zoonotic disease-free community.
A premier gender responsive workforce, environmentally-balance and service-oriented professional skills to impel the public health and socio-economic development of the province.
a) Regulate the keeping of domestic animals;
b) Regulate and inspect livestock, poultry, fish, bee and meat products for public consumption;
c) Take the necessary measures to prevent, control, eradicate and treat all forms of animal diseases;
d) Empower and capacitate livestock and poultry raisers, fisher folks and bee keepers to become successful entrepreneurs with due consideration to environment preservation and protection;
e) Enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals and
f) Recommend to the Sanggunian and advise the Governor or Mayor, as the case may be, on all other matters relative to veterinary services which will increase the number and improve the quality of livestock, poultry and other domestic animals used for work or human consumption.
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