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Goods and services - Purchase Order
Project TitleDate Posted
Procurment of One (1) pc Clutch, A00F-M200-00, etc.-COPYLANDIA Office Systems Corporation9/16/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks with Accomodation for 19 pax-H100 Eco Lodge8/19/2022
Procurement of Eight (8) pcs Tires with Tube and Flap-SURE TIRE Trading9/9/2022
Procurement of Fifteen (15) pcs Electrical Receptacle, 4 inches-TOOLBOX Hardware9/15/2022
Procurement of Five (5) bags Cement, etc by PGSO-CW Hardware9/16/2022
Procurement of Fort-Two (42) gals Waterproofing Membrane by KDH-WI-AL Construction9/23/2022
Procurement of Forty (40) pcs Correction Tape, 5mm x 8m Tape size, etc.-KADASAN Office & School Supplies9/21/2022
Procurement of Four (4) pcs Cross Wrench, etc.-DOERS MPC9/9/2022
Procurement of Four Hundred (400) pcs T8 LED tube, 18-20 watts, double-ended, etc.-WILCONSTRUCT Enterprise9/6/2022
Procurement of Four Hundred (400) sacks Rice, 25 kg_sack-DOERS MPC9/15/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for 107 pax, etc.-BENGUET Gov't Employees MPC9/14/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for 150 pax by SPO-OSSP-HEZEKIAH's Restaurant9/6/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for 20 pax (Sept, 26-30, 2022)-HEZEKIAH's Restuarant9/20/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for 394 pax, etc.-PAPRICA Events Management Services9/21/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks, Packed by PHRMDO-HEZEKIAH's Restaurant9/15/2022
Procurement of One (1) lot Labor and Materials for the Installation of Glass, etc. by PGO-ESPERANZA Glass9/22/2022
Procurement of One (1) lot Preventive Maintenance for 500 hours by PGSO-SOLID Steel Machinery9/16/2022
Procurement of One (1) package Shock Absorber, etc.-AUTOBASE Automotive9/16/2022
Procurement of One (1) pc Central Processing Unit, Tray Type with Cooler, etc.-CA Bliss Enterprise9/16/2022
Procurement of One (1) pc Pneumatic Spray Gun, etc. by PGSO-TOOLBOX Hardware9/5/2022
Procurement of One (1) set Digital Multifunction Copier-COPYLANDIA Office Systems Corporation9/6/2022
Procurement of One (1) set Extrication Equipment-PALMER-ASIA Inc9/22/2022
Procurement of One (1) set Server (rack type) by PASSO-HEXACOM Enterprises9/21/2022
Procurement of One (1) unit Camera Lens-TSS Corporation9/5/2022
Procurement of One (1) unit Drone by PEO-TSS Corporation-9/12/2022
Procurement of One (1) unit Drone with Smart Phone-MOUNTAIN Studio9/5/2022
Procurement of One (1) unit Printer (OCC), etc. by RTC-LASER MARKETING9/16/2022
Procurement of One (1) unit Smart TV-TSS Corporation9/12/2022
Procurement of One (1) Video Capture Card, etc.-TSS Corporation9/16/2022
Procurement of One Hundred Fifty (150) boxes Sardines, etc. by OPSWD-HERNZ HOGs & Consumer9/23/2022
Procurement of One Hundred Fifty (150) pcs Cup, Tumbler, Melamine Ware, etc.-DOUBLE Base Consumer9/9/2022
Procurement of One Hundred Fifty (150) pcs Plate, Round, Melamine Ware, 10 inches, etc.-TSB Bazaar9/9/2022
Procurement of Seven (7) pails Paint, Flat Latex, White, etc. by PGSO-WI-AL Construction9/6/2022
Procurement of Seven (7) pcs Plaque, Acrylic Back to Back, etc.-SIGNS of Success Gen Merchandise9/14/2022
Procurement of Seven (7) pcs Tires by OPAG-DOES MPC9/7/2022
Procurement of Seventeen (17) boxes of Ballpen, Black, Ball Point, 20s_box, HBW, etc.-TSS Corporations9/21/2022
Procurement of Seventy-Five (75) pcs Flourescent, Compact, Light-Bulb, 18 Watts, etc.-UGY General Merchandise9/15/2022
Procurement of Six (6) pcs Tapis, etc. by PGO-KABAYAN Weaving9/21/2022
Procurement of Six (6) pcs Tires, 7.5 x 16, with Inner Tube and Flap9/15/2022
Procurement of Six (6) rolls Transfer Tape for Car Sticker & Transfer Tape Vinyl Sticker, etc.-KEMANLEE General Merchandise9/2/2022
Procurement of Ten (10) pcs Carrying Channel, etc.-WILCONSTRUC Enterprise9/16/2022
Procurement of Ten (10) Sheets Cartolina, Yellow, etc.-LASER Marketing9/21/2022
Procurement of Three (3) pcs Calculator, etc.-KADASAN Office and Schoold Supplies9/15/2022
Procurement of Three (3) pcs External Hard Disk Drive-CA Bliss Enterprise9/16/2022
Procurement of Three (3) units Multifunction Printer by PHO-LASER Marketing9/16/2022
Procurement of Three Hundred Fifty-Eight (358) sacks Rice by OPSWD-DOERS MPC9/23/2022
Procurement of Twelve (12) heads Piglets (10-12 Kilos, hybrid),etc.-MURASAKA Enterprise9/16/2022
Procurement of Twelve (12) pcs Double Furring, etc.-WI-AL Construction Builders9/16/2022
Procurement of Twenty-Eight (28) pcs Ecopine_Russian Pine, etc.-WILCONSTRUCT Enterprise9/14/2022
Procurement of Two (2) units Printer, etc. by RTC-HEXACOM Enterprises9/16/2022
Procurement of Two (2) units Shredder, etc.-MURASAKA Enterprise8/6/2022
Procurement of Five (5) pcs Canvas_Tolda, 12ft. x 16ft. etc.-WI-AL Construction Builders9/27/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for Fifty-Five (55) pax by PPDO-Generation Rendezvous Eatery10/4/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for Seventy-Five (75) pax by PPDO-Casa De Yzabelle Inn10/4/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for Thirty (30) pax by PPDO-BAG-AYAN's Catering Services10/4/2022
Procurement of Meals and Snacks for Thirty-Five (35) pax by PPDO- Mayflor's Fast Food Hause10/3/2022
Procurement of Meals for Three Hundred Fifty (350) for SPO-OSSP-PAPRICA Events9/27/2022
Procurement of One (1) set Sliding Window, etc.-ESPERANZA Glass and Aluminum Supply9/28/2022
Procurement of Three (3) pcs Calculator, Compact; 12 Digits, LCD Display, etc.-KADASAN Office and Schoold Supply9/15/2022
Procurement of Fity-Four (54) pax Meals and Snacks with Accomodation for 2 days, etc.-ASIN Hotspring Pooten Resort10/11/2022
Procurement of Two (2) Tubes Toner, TN323, Black, Ineo 287-COPYLANDIA Office Systems10/11/2022
Procurement of Brand New Utility Van with Dual AC by IDH-Diltex Mart9/14/2022
Procurement of Fifty-four (54) pax meals and snacks with accommodation for 2 days-ASIN Hotspring Pooten Resort10/17/2022
Procurement of Forty (40) pax accommodation with meals and snacks-NEST Resort10/14/2022
Procurement of One (1) lot Lease of venue inclusive of meals and snacks with accommodation-SAN JUAN Development and Management Corp10/12/2022
Procurement of Brand-new Pick-up, 4 Wheel Drive-DILTEX MART9/19/2022
Procurement of Full Board Lodging Including Rent of Function Hall, Sound System, LCD Projector, Wifi, Amenities, etc.-FOG HORN, Inc.10/10/2022
Procurement of One (1) pc Imaging Unit 215 Cyan (Part No. IU2215C), etc-Copylandia Office Systems Corp.10/26/2022
Procurement of One (1) pc. Fuser assembly, DocuCentre S2520-XWORKS Sales and Services, Inc10/26/2022
Procurement of Brand New Utility Van With Dual AC-DILTEX MART9/14/2022
Procurement of Brand New Toyota Hiace Commuter Deluxe Utility or Passenger Van Model 2023, by PPDO-DILTEX MART10/2/2022
Procurement of Meals and snacks with accommodation for 2 days-ASIN Hotspring Pooten Resort10/28/2022
Procurement of Accommodation with meals and snacks and use of function hall with amenities for 45 pax-NDN Resort and Events Place Corp.11/22/2022
Procurement of Accommodation with meals and snacks and use of function hall with amenities for 50 pax-PUNTA AGILA Resort and Hotel11/21/2022
Procurement of Meals and snacks with accommodation for 2 days-RIVERVIEW Waterpark11/9/2022
Procurement of Full board and accommodation for 2 nights and 3 days activity good for 52 pax-RIVERVIEW Waterpark11/29/2022
Procurement of meals and snacks with accommodation for 53 pax-ASIN Hotspring Pooten Resort12/1/2022
Procurement of Two(2) Brand New Pick-up, Model 2022, Mitsubishi Strada GL5 4WD M_T, by PPDO-ELITE NORTH Autocars, Inc.10/4/2022
Procurement of Lease of Venue with function hall and provision of meals and snacks for 50 pax-CALAJO Food House12/6/2022
Procurement of Meals and snacks with accommodation for 80 pax-C&A PARADISO Beach Resort12/6/2022
Procurement of Security Services Covering August 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, at PEO-CARLOMAXIMUS Security Agency, Inc.7/20/2022
Procurement of Brand New Ambulance Vehicle, Toyota Hiace Commuter Deluxe 2.8L Diesel M_T-DILTEX Mart12/12/2022
Procurement of Brand New Vehicle, Toyota Hiace Cargo-DILTEX Mart12/12/2022
Procurement of Executive Chairs, Gentle Prince-COMIA Furniture12/14/2022
Procurement of Termite and Bukbok Control-MAPECON Phils. INC11/17/2022
Procurement of Office Supplies-TSB Bazaar12/13/2022
Purchase of 369 Medals-Mont Blanc Storehouse10/5/2022
Procurement of Brand New Pick-up Type Vehicle, Model 2022 or 2023 by PEO-TOYOTA12/16/2022
Procurement of Medals, resin-made-MONT BLANC Storehouse10/5/2022
Procurement of Alcohol per Gallon, ethyl, 70%, etc.-TSB Bazaar12/13/2022
Procurement of Brand New 4x4 Pick-up Type Service Vehicle-TOYOTA San Fernando Pampanga12/16/2022
Procurement of Sports Jacket-WISEPRINT Tailoring12/27/2022
Procurement of Office Supplies-TSB Bazaar7/5/2022
Procurement of Two (2) units Brand New Ambulance12/12/2022