The Lepanto Airstrip located at Pukitan Barangay Paco of Mankayan is just a minute walk away from the amenities of the Lepanto CPJ Complex. This serves as the private landing area of the Lepanto Mining Company’s fast travel operations .


The Lepanto Mines Golf Course is located at Barangay Sapid of Mankayan. It has 18 holes and the only golf course found north and outside Baguio City. This is just five minutes ride from Plaza, Poblacion and about 2 hours and a half from Baguio City. This has already been classified as the existing tourist spot of the Municipality of Mankayan.


Nayak Twin Decline Tunnel is a man-made cave which offers opportunities to explore the underground tunnels of the Lepanto Mining Company. This is also an added attraction to the Lepanto Golf Course which has a walking distance of only 5 minutes .


The Amburayan District Pistol Association Inc. Shooting Range is an added amenity to the Lepanto Mine Golf Course where it is located. Founded by the late Municipal Judge of Mankayan, Judge Thomas A. Rufino on September 1, 2005.


Palidan Slides is located just below the Mong-o Burial Ground. Also known as the Grand Canyon of Palasaan. Palidan was once a mountain of lime soil and the riding arena of Kankana-ey Horse Riders (Cowboys). In the olden days, folks claimed that a flock of different kinds of birds flew away from this place and did not return. One or two months later the place suddenly eroded and looked like a lake. The place continued to erode time after time until it became the grand canyon of Palasaan.


Am-am View Deck is a big boulderstone on top of a mountain at Barangay Balili of Mankayan overlooking the mountain ranges of the eastern part of Ilocos Sur where the historic Bessang Pass and Tirad Pass are located. It also offers the spectacular sceneries of the hills and mountains of Tadian and Bauko municipalities of Mountain Province; the majestic Abra River ; and the vegetable gardens surrounding the area. Added interest underneath the view deck is an old tomb with coffin made of a thick old pine wood that never deteriorated in centuries .


John and Kenny Farm Enjoy an educational tour at the John and Kenny Farm at Cada, Balili, Mankayan, Benguet and be engrossed with the phenomenal vegetable plateaus around its area. Also experience the art of farming by doing it yourself and feel the true miracles of sprouting vegetables serving us in our daily food sustenance.

Barangay Balili is one of the most largest supplier of vegetables in the country being directly delivered to Baguio City and Manila. Organic products of John-Kenny Farm has already entered the global industry of agriculture, supplying other Asian countries.


Mada-ew Falls is located at Bedbed, Mankayan, Benguet.You can capture this fascinating scenery from Patpat Barangay Tabio of Mankayan which faces the mountain ranges of Barangay Bedbed and Balili. Getting into this place offers you the adventure of trekking, camping, and swimming along the exciting rivers of Deccan and Mada-ew.

ADIVAY FESTIVAL (Province wide)

It is a month-long provincial celebration held November of every year. The “Grand Canao” and cultural presentations from the 13 municipalities are some of its highlights. The products of all 13 municipalities are displayed/exhibited for sale during the affair. This is an event that is being looked forward to by all I-benguets.

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  • Komedor Inn and Restaurant
  • La Guerta Guest House – Annex
  • La Guerta Guest House – Main
  • Labaan Executive Guest House
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