It is an emerging natural attraction found in Poblacion. This mountain is popularly known as the "home of the kankana-ey god, Kabunian." Parts of the breathtaking huge rocky mountainsides used to be burial grounds, hence the presence of box coffins and human bones. Its rocky peak is idyllic for the hardy rock climbers and mountain trekkers as a challenging destination and campsite. The rural countryside with a view of the Bakun rice terraces is a perfect venue to promote eco-tourism and the scenic Kabunyan waterfalls is an added attraction. Amenities are minimal in the area but home stays are available.

It is a potential natural attraction found in Poblacion. One of the attractions of Mt. Kabunyan is Duligen's phallus, which still drips water. Legend goes that Kabunian, the legendary head of the gods always left golden plates of meat and rice on the trail to feed the tired and hungry people scaling the mountain. Duligen, who has been a recipient of this kindness, stole some plates, which he surmised would command a handsome price in the market. But no sooner had he touched them than Kabunian read his evil intention. Angrily, the chief god embedded him on a rock and only had Duligen's now monstrously large phallus protrude as a reminder that evil never wins.

It is a potential natural attraction found in Gambang. This is the highest peak in the municipality with an elevation of 2,617 meters above sea level. The top offers panoramic view of the numerous vegetable terraces and parts of the neighboring municipalities of Buguias, Mankayan, and Kibungan including portions of the Ilocos region. This is the coldest part of the municipality where frost is sometimes experienced during the months of December to February.
From La Trinidad, one could take the mini-bus going to Madaymen, Kibungan or take any bus plying the Halsema Highway and alight at Km.63, jump-off point to Madaymen. From here it takes about an hour hike to the top of the mountain. One can hire a vehicle or even hitch a ride on any vehicle going on to the area.

It is a potential natural attraction found in Sinacbat. This rocky mountain is even more imposing than Mt. Kabunyan. Its façade from its foot at Sinacbat provides a challenge to any experienced or hardly climber. No amenities are readily available but the barangay residents' hospitality is well-known.


It is a month-long provincial celebration held November of every year. The “Grand Canao” and cultural presentations from the 13 municipalities are some of its highlights. The products of all 13 municipalities are displayed/exhibited for sale during the affair. This is an event that is being looked forward to by all I-benguets.

  • Bakun Municipal Guest House
  • Old Municipal Building - Poblacion
  • Poblacion Barangay Hall
  • Saguday Foundation Building