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1.  Mount Kabunian (Bakun)

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- Believed to be the dwelling place of the Gods.  This rocky mountain stretches for kilometers displaying its multifaceted profile.  An outline of the impaled body of Duligen can be found in this rocky mountain.  This site is recommended only for experienced rock climbers and mountaineering groups.

Coming from La Trinidad going to Central Bakun is approximately 3 hours drive. From Bakun Central to Mt. Kabunian is about 3-4 hours hike. Travelers may rest at the Poblacion’s Guest House or at the Barangay Hall of Poblacion, Bakun.

2.  Mount Pulag (Kabayan)

- This is the highest mountain peak in Luzon towering at an altitude of 9,640 feet above sea level and considered as the Playground of the Gods by local folks.  It is home to many species of highland flora and fauna, including the dwarf bamboo, which covers its bald peak.

It would take at least two hours and thirty (2:30) minutes before reaching the rangers station. Orientation and registration are conducted before starting the 3 hours climb before reaching the camp site.

It is advised that before planning a trip to Mt. Pulag, kindly coordinate with the office of the DENR (Protected Area Superintendent Office-Mt. Pulag) or the Local Tourism Office of Kabayan.


3.   Mount Ugo (Itogon)


-It has an elevation of 2150 meters above sea level and the site of three (3) aircraft crashes.  The most tragic in the history of air transport in the Province of Benguet was the crash of the Philippine Airline (PAL) plane from Manila bound for Baguio City which rammed the southern portion of the mountain, killing all its passengers and crew on board.  Relatives of the victims visit this mountain every year to offer prayers.  The 1st Philippine International Skyrace was held in this trekking spot.

The mountain is fast gaining popularity as an alternate destination of the mountain trekkers and climbers next to Mt. Pulag.

It is accessible in three-ways: first is taking PUB up to the junction of Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya then hiking through the town for about 2 ½ hours; second, is taking up a PUJ to barangay Tinongdan, Itogon then continuing on foot for about 5 hours; and third, scaling from barangay Dalupirip and a number of mountain for 5 hours.

4.  Mountain Lakes (Kabayan)

- Lakes Incolos, Bulalacao and Letep-ngepos can be found at the base of Mt. Pulag.  With their crystal clear water, these can be reached by hiking through scenic oak forests that grew densely around the base of the mountain. Bulalakao Lake has been awarded as a three - time consecutive winner for the Cleanest Lake in the Cordillera under the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran.

5.  Ambongdolan Caves (Paterno Cave and Bengaongao Cave) (Tublay)

            - A cluster of caves and cavelets found in Ambongdolan which is now a favourite place for spelunkers and nature trippers nationwide.  Rock climbing has also become a latest addition for adventure tourism in this area. It takes at least an hour and a half from the city of Baguio before reaching the place.

6. Badekbek Sulfur Springs (Bokod)

- A natural spring with boiling mud pools emitting smoke located in Daclan.  People find this attraction a continuing source of wonder and amazement.

7.    Mount Purgatory-Mangisi (Bokod)

-                    This is the latest trekking destination in the province which connects to Mount Pack and Mount Komkompol.  It boasts of cool mossy forests and magnificent views.  The Mount Purgatory Mangisi Invitational Traverse is now an annual organized climb with Ambuklao Dam and other tourist spots in the municipality as added attractions.

There are available lodging houses in the Mt. Bakian area. Tour guides are required during the trek.

8MT. ULAP (Itogon)

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          Located in Barangay Ampucao, Itogon, an existing tourist attraction which showcases pine and grassland ridges with stunning views of the mountains, and even a glimpse of culture with villages, burial caves, and hanging bridges, it is perfect for a day hike.

A number of peaks and points of attraction are traversed via this relaxing trail: from the grassland slopes of Ambunao Paoay to Gungal Rock, and then to the highest point, Mt. Ulap (officially 1846m). The descent from Mt. Ulap to Pong-ol Burial Caves is akin to the descent from Mt. Ugo summit to Tinongdan, with its steep, pine-forested terrain. The Burial Caves themselves are a nice attraction, and at Sta. Fe there are hanging bridge and cemented footpath that complete the experience.

Forty Five minutes away from Baguio City by public jeepney. Spanning around 8 kilometres through several peaks along the Ampucao-Sta. Fe Ridge it is easy enough to be completed from 4-6 hours.

Visitors and Tourist are required to register in the Barangay. Tour guides are required before hiking and/or trekking.

9. Mt. Kalugong

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            Located at Tawang, La Trinidad, the place is full of pine trees where picnics are offered for families. It is ideal for group activities under the shade of pine trees and has wonderful rock formations.

10. Mt. Yangbew

            Just a few distance from Mt. Kalugong is this beautiful place which offers a great view of the sunrise and sunset. A lot of nature lovers frequent this destination that was once the venue for Scout Jamborees during the American Period.

11. Mt. Pigingan

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            This is another mountain in Dalupirip, Itogon, overlooking the San Roque Dam in San Manuel, Pangasinan.  It commands a great view of the vast plains of the lowlands.   It is such a unique mountain climbing destination in a place where the mountain peak seems to be in a slanting position.  Homestays are available in the community for accommodation.