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1.   Bendian Festival (Kabayan)

In the past, it is a sacred ritual made during abundant harvest - a thanksgiving to “Kabunian.” Today, it is an annual event celebrated to showcase the Ibaloi Culture of the municipality. The festival is celebrated every April to May in Kabayan, Benguet.

2.   La Trinidad Strawberry Festival

A month-long festivity held in the month of March marked by various activities such as the agro-industrial fair, vegetable run, search for Miss Strawberry, strawberry eating contest, cultural presentations and highlighted by the Giant Strawberry Butter Cake.   La Trinidad is dubbed as “The Strawberry Capital of the Philippines.”

3.   Adivay Festival (Province wide)

It is a month-long provincial celebration held November of every year. The “Grand Canao” and cultural presentations from the 13 municipalities are some of its highlights. The products of all 13 municipalities are displayed/exhibited for sale during the affair. This is an event that is being looked forward to by all I-benguets.

4.   Mount Pulag Climb (Kabayan)

Mountain climbing expeditions are open upon registration with the Office of the Park Superintendent in Ambangeg, Bokod or at the Parks and Wildlife Office, DENR-CAR, Baguio City.

5.   Mount Ugo Summer Climb (Itogon)

Annual summer climbs are organized by the Tinongdan Barangay Tourism Council during the months of April.  Participants who want to join the invitational climb may register at the Provincial Tourism Office or at the Department of Tourism – CAR.  The area is also open for mountaineering and other adventure groups who may want to go camping anytime upon registration at the Tinongdan Barangay Hall.

6.   Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad

Fresh strawberries can be picked direct from the strawberry fields with a slightly higher price than those sold at the fruit stands near the gardens.  This is because the visitor is allowed to pick his choice of the biggest strawberries compared to the gathered strawberries of assorted sizes ready for sale.  Strawberry is a fruit so much associated with Baguio City and Benguet.

7.   Christmas ed Kapangan

         A Christmas celebration that promotes the Santa Claus Mountain which is the tourism trademark of the Municipality. It includes cultural presentations and a tour to selected sites.

8.   Climbing the Rocky Wall of Beauties – an organized mountain climbing activity in the mountains of Tacadang, Oten, Kilkili – all in the Municipality of Kibungan.

9.  Bakun Trio Climb – a challenging climb of Mt. Lobo, Kabunian and Tenglawan in Bakun where the view from the top overlooking the Ilocos Region is marvellous.  This climb is recommended for experienced mountaineers.