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THE ATHENS OF BENGUET                                                          

          Tublay Municipality is situated thirteen kilometers north of Baguio City. She is bounded on the north by Atok and Kapangan; on the east by the municipality of Bokod; on the south by the municipalities of Itogon and La Trinidad; and on the west by the municipality of Kapangan and Sablan.

       Tublay is one of the smallest town of Benguet Province with a total land area of 5,730 hectares. Population: 7,700 Average annual income: Php 15,306.54 Class: 7th.

           Among the early headmen of Tublay, the best known and well-remembered is Juan (Ora) Cariño. During the short-lived First Philippine Republic, he was appointed Governor of Benguet. During the American occupation, he became the first mayor of Tublay and later on was elected representative of Baguio and Benguet. Progressive in thinking, he opened the first school of the town – The Tublay Central School.

          Other remembered leaders of Tublay are Magastino Laruan, who hastened the education of the residents of Tublay by acting as a truant officer to pupils who shunned schooling. He was also responsible for the establishment of Paoad Elementary School, the second to be erected in Tublay.

        From these illustrious men came some of Benguet’s outstanding political leaders. Among them are Baltazar Fernando, ex-mayor of Bokod, Peredo Depaynos, ex-mayor of Kabayan, Felipe Cosalan, incumbent mayor of Tublay and the Honorable Andres Cosalan, Representative of Baguio and Benguet.

         While the present economic development of Tublay is relatively slow, it is expected to pick up with the opening of the Santo Niño Mines at kilometer 21. This gold and copper mine is expected to be in full operation in the next two years. The extension of credit facilities to local farmers through the Farmer’s Cooperative Marketing Association, Incorporated will likewise boost the vegetable industry in this community.

Source: Benguet Profile 1970