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GATEWAY TO THE SOUTH                                                            

           The miracle of Tuba is money, planning and farsighted leadership. High in the list of priority projects of Tuba are roads and school buildings. Aside from the Marcos type pre-fabricated school houses, the municipal government went into the construction of semi-permanent schools in strategic areas. Roads are likewise being constructed interlinking the remote sitios to main vehicular routes. These feeder roads had inspired the residents to greater agricultural production.

            Tuba is the third biggest town of Benguet with a total land area of 34,710 hectares and an estimated population of 12,400. Tuba shares a common border with Naguilian municipality on the north, the municipality of Sablan and the City of Baguio on the east, the province of Pangasinan on the south and the province of La Union on the west. The main sources of income are gold and copper mining, rice and vegetables, broom making and cattle raising. Tuba earns an average annual income of Php 210,484.87 from these revenue producing sources making her a second class municipality.

            At present, the elementary school enrolment of the municipality is placed at 2,804 pupils handled by one hundred and six teachers. There are three primary schools,   14 intermediate and one barrio high school.

            With the economy, education and health of the residents of Tuba high in the minds of its officials, this municipality may yet become a first class municipality in its truest sense.

 Source: Benguet Profile 1970