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The Municipality of Kibungan is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Bakun, on the east by the Municipality of Buguias, on the south by the Municipalities of Atok and Kapangan, and on the west by the Province of Ilocos Sur.

Kibungan has a total land area of 17,220 hectares. The population is 9,200: Average Annual Income – Php 13,697.72: Class-7th.

Literacy in this municipality is relatively low. The percentage of literacy is 30.4%. To date, there are only thirteen schools manned by 53 teachers. The elementary school population is placed at 1,325 pupils.

The economic development of Kibungan is stagnant. Her primary products are still rice, vegetables and camote. This slow development may be due to a very inadequate road system. However, the infra-structure projects of the municipality may still boost her economy. There are presently four gravity irrigations operating in the municipality. Four more are proposed, the completion of which will mean greater agricultural production. The construction of a proposed airport with hotel facilities will open Kibungan’s breathtaking panorama and invigorating climate to local as well as foreign tourists. This proposed airport together with an improved road system will hasten Kibungan’s economic and social development.

These plans are still on the drawing board. But with the dynamic leadership of its Municipal Officials headed by Mayor Bruno Siadto and the unquenchable desire of the people of Kibungan for the better life, the completion of these plans shall be hastened. In the not too distant future, Kibungan may still become a first class municipality.

Source: Benguet Profile 1970