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Itogon, due to its rich resources and progressive thinking people, has attained a degree of economic greatness that may be compared with those of other rich towns not only in Benguet but also in the other parts of the country. It is projected that in the early part of the 1980’s more hydroelectric plants will be put up in Itogon along the Bued River. In the event that this will come to reality, it is a certainty that more money will pour into the treasury of this prosperous town.

With a sprawling area of 49,800 hectares and a manpower of 32,792 as of the 1960 census, Itogon is bound to lead in agro-industrial projects like rice growing, vegetable raising, fruit culture, and broom making just to mention a few. In mining, Itogon is enjoying a great boom with the existence of five mining firms operating in large scale in the area.

Itogon is encompassed by Baguio and La Trinidad on the north, Pangasinan on the south, Tuba on the west, and Bokod on the east.

One of the hallmarks of greatness in vision and achievement of the officials who served in Itogon is the magnificent Fianza Memorial Hall, (named after the late Don Mariano Fianza) the biggest of its kind in the whole Benguet area. The construction of this monumental edifice was undertaken during the term of Ex-Mayor Laurencio Fianza.

The incumbent mayor, Mr. Placido Carantes is obsessed with the construction of more roads and bridges that may penetrate the whole of Itogon. This network of roads will eventually enhance the socio-economic advancement of the place.

Itogon is proud to have produced many sons and daughters who are worthy as paragons in their chosen fields of endeavors. One of those prominent sons is Mr. Calixto Fianza, who served as one of the first board members and later as a vice governor through appointment by President Marcos at the incipient stage of the province of Benguet. Mr. Calixto Fianza excelled as an army man and as a politician.

In the field of education, Itogon is peerless. In terms of enrolment, number of teachers, and schools, Itogon this year 1969 has hit a new record. There are 25 schools manned by 164 teachers and school administrators and filled with 3,099 youngsters.

A deeply religious community, Itogon is a symbol of shining glory now and forever.

Source - Benguet Profile 1970