CITIZEN'S CHARTER                                                                      FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT

 PHO Oganizational Chart 1


Formulate and implement policies, plans, programs and projects to promote the health of the people in the Province of Benguet. Information Education Campaign and render health intelligence services



A collaborative and coordinative organization with adequate financial support that ensures available, accessible and affordable quality services, sustained by dedicated, committed, culture-friendly and gender-sensitive health service providers.


To ensure the provision of sustained quality services that are accessible, appropriate, affordable and equitable through dedicated, committed, effective and efficient gender-sensitive health service providers.


The Provincial Health Office provides Technical Assistance, Supervision and Monitoring of the implementation of various health programs in Hospitals, Rural Health Units and Barangay Health stations. Implementation of the various Health Programs is based on the six (6) pillars of the Universal Health Care; namely, Health Human Resource, Service Delivery, Health Care Financing, Policy Standards and Regulations, Governance and Health Information Systems; the Provincial-wide Investment Plan for Health (PIPH); Annual Operational Plans and Rationalization Plans.


Improved community health status and prevention of preventable morbidities and its complication. Improved Nutritional status of the people; Safe place for habitation and CCA-adaptive & disaster resilient province and improved quality of life and social well-being status of the community especially of the disadvantaged populace.

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