CITIZEN'S CHARTER                                                                                                                FUCTIONAL STATEMENT

2017 Organizational Chart OPAG 1





  • Formulate measures and ensure the delivery of basic agricultural services and provision of adequate facilities relative to agricultural services;
  • Develop agricultural plans and strategies and implement the same;
  • Ensure the maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • Conduct location specific agricultural researches and assist in making available the appropriate technology arising out of and disseminating information on basic research on crops, preventive control of plant diseases and pests.Postharvest, value addition and other agricultural matters which will maximize productivity;
  • Assist in the enforcement of rules and regulations relating to agriculture;
  • Implements in the establishment and extension services of demonstration farms;
  • Coordinate with government agencies and non-government organizations which promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible with environmental integrity;
  • Be in the frontline of delivery of basic agricultural services, particularly those needed for the survival of the inhabitants during and in the aftermath of manmade and natural disasters;
  • Continue in the strengthening and improvement of the productivity of nurseries for more and sound quality planting materials.


                        “A competitive, sustainable and technology-based agriculture sector contributing to inclusive growth and poverty reduction”


To help and empower the farming communities and the private sector to produce enough, accessible and affordable food for every Filipino and a decent income for all.


          *Productivity in the agriculture sector increased

            *Forward linkage to the industry and services sectors increased

            *Sector resilience to climate change risks increased


I.      Agriculture and Fishery Policy

A.   Planning and Information Services

B.   Agriculture Related Councils/Committees Support Services

1.    Provincial Agriculture & Fishery Council (PAFC)

2.    Benguet Vegetable Council (BVC)

3.    Provincial Nutrition Council (PNC)

4.    Provincial Local Technical Committee on Organic Agriculture (PLTCOA)

5.    Benguet Coffee Council (BCC)

6.    Benguet Cacao Industry Council (BCIC)

II.    Technical and Support Program

A.   Production Support Services

o   Production of quality planting materials: Economic trees, fruit trees and ornamentals (sexual and asexual practices)

o   Production of quality planting materials: Banana, Strawberry, Potato and Anthurium thru In-vitro Plant Propagation

o   Production of quality planting materials of “nutritious crops in support to Nutrition program (i.e. malunggay, katuray, etc.)

B.   Extension Support, Education and Training Services

1.    Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

o   Orientation and Training

o   Validation and Endorsement of GAP compliant farms

o   Installation and Formation of Internal Control System (ICS)

2.    Organic Agriculture (OA)

o   Capabilty Building – Training

o   Equipment/Machinery Support

o   Maintenance of Concoction Center

3.    Soils and Water Conservation

o   Analysis of soil samples for N, P, K

o   Production of Trichoderma for soil composting

o   Production of Vermicast as soil ameliorants

o   SALT Technology

4.    Crop Management Production and Protection Services

o   Insect Rearing of Biological Agents

o   Techno-demo on various crops (vegetable, fruit trees, ornamentals and rice)

o   Processing Potato Seed Production

o   Technical Briefing/Techno Demo/Palay Check FFS

5.    Rural Based Organization (RBOs) Strengthening

o   Farmers organization

o   RIC (Rural Improvement Club for Women)

o   4-H Club (Head, Heart, Hands and Health for Rural Youth)

o   Capability Building – training

o   Meetings

6.    Technology Demonstration Center (TDC) Extension & Outreach Project

o   Capability building/skills training on Food Processing

o   Hand-on technology transfer

o   Product development training assistance (Microbial/Nutrient analysis)

o   Function Hall (TDC and Gloriosa Hall for trainings and seminars)

o   Lodging services (Dormitory for 32 bed capacity)

o   Utilization of the center by other line agencies;

  • Skills training with NC II assessment
  • Other skills training

7.    Young Farmers Exchange Program-Technical Intern Training Program (YFEP-TETP)

o   Screening

o   Orientation and Capability Building

8.    Farmers Information Technology Service Center

C.   Marketing Development Services

o   Agri-Fair during Adivay

o   Benguet Arabica Coffee Enterprise (co-implemented by DA-PRDP & PLGU)

  • Consolidation & Trading of Coffee Green Beans

D.   Nursery and Agri-Eco Farm Tourism Development

o   Avenue for hands-on training on Farm Production and Technology (Local & Foreign)

o   Assessment Center for Agricultural Crop Production (NC I / NC II) and partnership with Benguet Technical School (BTS)

o   Phase by phase development of the Agri-Eco Farm in Bulala, Bayabas, Sablan, Benguet

  • Pavilion (70 pax capacity hall for training/seminar)
  • Research and Demo trials for tropical fruits and other plants
  • Butterfly Garden and Bee Pollination
  • Bamboo setum “Bambusetum” ( 40 species of endemic/ exotic bamboos)

III.   Credit Support Program / Livelihood projects

o   Livelihood Assistance projects

o   Loan Credit Linkages – Agriculture & Fishery Financing Program (AFFP) / Program on United Lending in Agriculture (PUNLA)

IV.  Irrigation Network

V.   Farm-to-Market Road Network