CITIZEN'S CHARTER                                                                FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT

organizational chart 1


               The Benguet Provincial Library as repository of printed and recorded cultural heritage of the Province and other intellectual literacy and information resources shall provide access to these resources for our people's intellectual growth, citizenship building, life-long learning and enlightenment.



The Benguet Provincial Library envision for a full and cultural development of its client through the love for reading books and new forms of literary materials and to make the Benguet Provincial Library a nationally recognized library system where customer can find professional services, such as reference assistance; useful and accurate information; quality reading, listening, and viewing materials; excellent educational and literacy programming; free access to electronic technology.



               The Benguet Provincial Library as a repository of printed and recorded cultural heritage of the Province and other intellectual literary and information sources shall conserve and preserve these collection and provide timely access through facilities and resources such as online bibliographic records and a system to provide outstanding library services, Collections, programs and facilities which will expand and enrich our Customer's lives.


Organizational Outcome

The Benguet Provincial Library serves as information center about the community- it's resources, history, people, customs and traditions and to establish programs and services for the community to instil the love for books and reading. Provision of access to learning resources, efficient free on-line access to the different information sources and serve as information hub/center in support of the teaching, learning and research activities of the community.

L I B R A R Y  S E R V I C E S