1. Annual Budget Report

    Budget Message

    Annual Budget Summary

    Appropriation by Office and Fund, by PPA:

     Health Services:

    Special Purpose Appropriations:

    National Offices:

    Economic Enterprise:

2. Statement of Debt Service

3. Statement of Receipts and Expenditures

 4. Annual Procurement Plan

 5. Annual GAD Accomplishment Report


     1. Trust Fund Utilization

      2. 20% Components of the IRA Utilization

     3. Local Disaster Risk Reduction & Mgmt Fund

      4. Statement of Cash Flow

  •           1st Quarter

              General Fund


              Trust Fund      

  •           2nd Quarter

             Trust Fund

     5. Bid Results on Civil Works, Goods & Services and Consulting Services

  •           1st Quarter





             Goods & Services

  •           2nd Quarter


  •           3rd Quarter
  •           4th Quarter

     6. SEF Utilization

     7. Unliquidated Cash Advances

     8. Manpower Complement

     9. Supplemental Procurement Plan

          Appropriation Ordinance No. 12-02

          Appropriation Ordinance No. 12-03         

          Appropriation Ordinance No. 12-04

          Appropriation Ordinance No. 12-05

          Appropriation Ordinance No. 12-07