F. Mineral Resource Management and Protection

Rivers are rich with minerals like gold. However, the only allowed form of gathering is through saludog/barkes/sayo/amsil. Gold panning is not allowed along riverbanks adjacent to rice fields or uma.

There are no penalties set for non-abiders but when somebody violates the rules, the elders will convene for tong-tong and set penalties for such.

As per data gathered, the existing mineral resource is copper of which the Sto. Nino mines have extracted. However this was closed in 1982. These are located in barangays Ambassador and Ba-ayan.

Pocket miners are found in some of the barangays. This activity is to augment their income. There is however restrictions to the location allowed as per rules of each barangays concerned.

The proceeds of the activity is only for the individual /private miner. There is no established cost sharing benefits/systems in place. It is however believed that these private individuals/miners perform their own “madmad” (prayer) such that their activity is blessed and that there will be no ill feeling of the spirits guarding these mineral resources. In cases where the private miner was able to obtain or acquire some proceeds, he/she performs a thanksgiving for the success of his/her labor.