2.1. Flora

Sablan has vast variety of vegetation because it has low and high altitudes. Plants that grow both in lowlands and highlands could be found in the area. Vegetation found in the low lying areas are broadleaf trees such as mahogany and oak trees while those found in the higher elevation are coniferous or cone-bearing trees specifically pine trees. Ferns, bamboos, mushrooms, mosses, vines, orchids and other wild flowers and ornamentals plants still grow wild in the forests up to the present.

2.2. Fauna

Wild animals could still be found in the forested areas of Sablan although they are vanishing due environmental change. During the olden times, wild games such as deer and wild boar abound in the forested areas. Fortunately, a few numbers of wild animals could be sighted at times such as eagle, owl, wild chicken (savag), lizards (tilay), wild cats (buwet and motet) and different kinds of snakes (Minong, belshang, erow, abang, balitek) and birds (Talag, keling, jadjaran, Beshing).