Water Resources Management and Protection 1. Water The indigenous people of Bokod realize that water is a basic human need and that access to this resource is a basic right. However, due to water abundance in the bygone past, appropriate measures have not been taken to deliberately protect it, particularly against destructive human activities that induce pollution and degradation of the water support systems apart from the forces of nature. Then too, the waterways that provide unlimited supply for domestic need as well as farm needs are fast losing their quality. Only the taboo of the IP community on a fear of displeasing the unseen dwellers of the water source seems to have saved it from perhaps an even worse condition. The indigenous materials used to tap water is the taroy (Ibaloi); tadoy (Kalanguya); takguad (Karao) which is made out of bamboo or banana stalk used as a drainage for water to transport to impounding structures. Dawas (Ibaloi) is a container made of bamboo used as a vessel to fetch water. The Palenged is an indigenous system of recognizing the right to, and prioritizing the users of irrigation or water system, which would include the temtem (Karao); Tebteb (Ibaloi) or natural springs. The palenged may be bestowed upon an individual or community but refers only to the priority for users and does not exclude other users who may also depend from the water source albeit reserved on a second priority. 2. Fishing a. Bengwit/ Dawid A hook tied to a nylon string with a stick (Alamdi dja etekong waray singil to ematpani say waray mashel ja paeding). Easy to catch fish and without pollutive agents in the fish catch (Legal dja nigay tep eg esabishong tan ayshi metey ja anak ni paideng tan mapteng pay e ikakan so ne too). b. Balshew A fish catcher Made up of nylon net (Mapteng ja panikay ni paeding). c. Salep A canal to trap a fish through the diversion of water which is an easy way to catch fish. d. Seka/Ap’jaw Seka/Ap’jaw is made of bamboo like the size of a litro coke to trap fish and could catch small sized fish. e. Oral Oral is a rounded woven basket with opening at top and bottom. The top opening usually covered to trap fishwithin (Esagap taan round ja kawajan jet waray botilan to). This is perhaps the best way of catching fish. f. Pana with antokos Pana with antokos is a mechanized tool that functions like bow and arrow and could surely hit the fish target (bawel waray dikeb to tan tepan shima sekep to jet no kedatin ni kewet emelkebi). 3. Nature of Use Water from the rivers and streams are used for agricultural and industrial purposes, while those from springs serves as the potable water supply of the community.