Fishing Activities

As in the forests in which the locals hunt animals for food, Kapangan rivers are also good sources of meat. Kiwet (eels), odang (shrimps) and different fish species such wadiganbunogtibek and karpa may be found in their waters. Others such as the gakki/gadding and gingabisukol and agudonggodakwhich may be used for human consumption are also present in the rivers.

One of the old methods which the locals use in fishing in rivers is the kudsong or saep, in which the fisherfolks would divert the flow of the water such that they may be able to catch fish more easily once the water is drained.

The locals also use other equipment made out of bamboos in fishing. Some of these are the pana, bani-it, gobo and apayaw. Other folks use the barks, leaves or fruits of the kalomeylopey and damedngaw in making tuba, another fishing tool. There are also those who prefer to fish at night, which is locally called silag.

With regard to fishing, one practice observed by the locals is getting only what is needed or what can be consumed by the family. With the emergence of laws protecting the environment, dangerous methods of fishing (by using cyanide or dynamite) are illegal. Furthermore, projects which may cause harm to the natural environment are not entertained by the community.