Residential Homes and Residential Lands

As a clannish people, Kapangan ICCS prefer to build their homes not far from their relatives’ houses. There are also other factors such as the availability of water near the area and enough space in which they could release their domestic animals such as dogs and chicken.

In the past, only indigenous materials are being used in building houses. Among the materials posts are woods such as pinewood, pallay-endamoko,uttinansalngedtamadeng and tanapo (fern tree). For binding or tying (e.g. posts, window frames), rattan, vines such as daynenetled and mabagadan,anes (wild bamboos) and bantalaan (a species of fern) are used. For the flooring and windows, pao, which is a species of grass is usually used.

The needed materials are usually collected by the head of the family. Once the necessary wood, ferns and grasses are available, the neighbors would be called to help in building the house

As always, certain rituals accompany the construction of houses. One which was practiced in the past was done in order for a family to determine if gods and the spirits approve their area of choice to which they would construct their house. This involves putting stones (the number depending on the number of the family members) in the area where the family is interested to construct the house. Before leaving, someone will have to pray for the gods to decide on the acceptance or rejection of the area of choice. If in the next morning the stones which serve as buton (signs) remains the same, meaning it was not moved nor lessened, the construction may proceed. Also, for some reason, no houses may be built in the month of February.

As according to local beliefs, certain species of trees may not be used altogether in building houses. It is believed that certain trees are quarrelsome that putting them together would repel harmony, which is unwanted by any family. Examples of such trees are sawilikalading and tikem. However, if there is no choice but to use these trees together, they must be taken from different places.

Once the house is built, the family would have to prepare food for themselves and their neighbors, which is a custom locally known as segpen. However, there must be leftovers; else the family will experience the lack of food in the future. A prayer called the waknis is also said in order to protect the family from bad luck and danger. Lastly, the family would also have to butcher one or more pigs (depending on the capacity of the family) as part of the house blessing.