d. Gilod

       Gilod was born in Buguias. He was a hunter. He later moved to Bagtangan, Bakun because he wanted to improve his economic status. Later, he migrated from Bagtangan to Tagpaya going down to Nanginted, Botyao to search for gold but there was no native mining in this area. He moved further going up to Bokkeg where he settled and got married. He made use of the land for kaingin and piggery.

       He performed peshit of nine pigs. Gilod had eight children: Tolley and Intan, went to Anchokey, Kabayan with their families; Carias and Cahey lived in Tabeyo, Tublay with their families; Licyag married Alam-am of Bitak, Adoyunan; Dayong married Benglay of Abiang and Uclupan married Ukian of Eting, Adoyunan. All were engaged in kaingin and piggery.