b. Dacbongan

       Korab was born in Buguias in the 16th century. He migrated from Buguias to Pacso then settled in Kabayan as a hunter. Here he married a woman from this place and begot two daughters. His daughters were: Mediao who married Tabingan of Kabayan and her sister Comajes I who married Saguid of Ambroce, Kabayan. They were engaged in piggery and tended a small kaingin. There were no more wild pigs in the place so he again moved to Nawal, Batan then to Lobo. Finally, he settled in Sagpat, Kibungan as a hunter. Then, he moved to Naguey where he settled permanently until he died.

       Comajes I and Saguid had an only son, Dacbongan II who married Ubang of Abiang. Dacbongan II and Ubang had five children namely: Baleg, Chija, Felisa, Calsia and Mocmoc. Calsia married Sayong of Kapangan and Mocmoc married Bagsay of Abiang. All were involved in kaingin and piggery. Mocmoc and Bagsay had three daughters, Tongkok who was married to Sanchang of Abiang; Bayay who was married to Abat and later to Benteras of Naguey; and Sadag who was married to Angang-dia of Naguey. They had an only son Anumo of Swanching pool who married Gatipa of Pasdong. All were engaged in rice fields, piggery and panning gold.

       Anuma first saw his wife Gatipa during one of the caňaos held in “chontog” (Atok Central). While he was standing at the caňao he saw a woman dancing and he admired her beauty and fell in love with her. He asked the old folks at that caňao where this woman came from and was told that she came from Pasdong. Ten days after the caňao he went to Lito-an with some companions to propose marriage to Gatipa. But Gatipa didn’t like him to become her husband so he forced her and brought her down to Atok Central. It was in Atok Central where they held their wedding butchering two pigs.

       He performed the first biggest peshit in Chontog by butchering 25 pigs. While celebrating this caňao, strong winds blew and made the rice container which was full of meat fly around the place where the caňao was being held. The people were surprised because the meat inside the rice container did not fall. The “mambunong” of Chontog told the couple, Anuma and Gatipa that this happening presaged luck and wealth saying, “When you begot children, they will be among the leaders someday. They will be respected by the people. Wherever they may be, they will be blessed and have prosperous lives.”