a. Calpo

       Calpo of Hongduan came in 1730. He was a Kalangoya. He migrated by way of Buguias down to Pacso then settled in Kabayan as a trader of pots, copper tools and utensils. He married in Kabayan a daughter of a “talao” from the “Culuz ni Chanum” named Manching. They begot one child and named him Gukey. But later on Calpo left her because she was so lazy. She did not help her husband work in the kaingin. He moved out of Kabayan passing through Nawal, Adaoay going up to Batan, to Botiao then settled in Lito-an where he married Mediao one of the prominent settlers of Lito-an. Then the couple moved to Topdac where Calpo introduced the planting and milling of sugar cane. This was the first time sugar cane and milling was ever introduced in Lito-an.

       Beside the sugar cane plantation was a brook where during night time the “talao” used to bathe. At night time, the old folks always heard noisy sounds of the brook like “Toplac! Toplac!” So they named the place Toplac from the sound heard from the brook. Later the name was changed to Topdac.

       Other Kalangoya migrants were Dacbongan whose grandfather, Kofab came from Buguias; Aventew whose grandfather was Ulangdis of Hongduan, Tinoc and Gilod from Buguias. All of these came to Atok in the early 1700’s.