b. Kasdan

The first group of migrants came from Kabayan. They passed through Adaoay, Nawal went down to Kiskis then settled in Kasdan (Kasdan was the oldest settlement of the Ibalois), then people spread to both sides of the Amburayan river. The surrounding villages comprise now what we call Naguey. The group of migrants introduced the system of rice culture and the construction of the rice terraces in Naguey which were very similar to that of Kabayan.

It was the intrepid Kasdan who discovered a place of rolling hills and abundant water supply from the river which he thought would be good for building rice terraces. Returning to Kabayan after several days of hunting, he convinced some of his neighbors to go with him to a beautiful place in the west where there was plenty of “nagnakey.” “Nagnakey” was a kind of tall and scaly grass, hard to uproot which grew in all the watered side of the hills and along the creeks and springs. His neighbors awed by the stories related by Kasdan decided to go with him. They then gathered all their families and belongings and some animals and left their crowded domicile travelling for several days before reaching the place. From the typical grass, the people named the place “Nakey” a term which was hard to pronounce. After some time the name was changed to Naguey, a name which the place still carries.

It was estimated that the first group of migrants from Kabayan led by Kasdan settled in Naguey during the early part of the 1600’s. This marked the beginning of an important chapter in the history of Atok when rice culture was introduced from Kabayan by the Ibalois who were traditionally farmers.