a. Pawigue

Based on the information gathered through and supplemented by the stories of the living elders of Atok, there once lived a couple by the name of Pawigue and his wife who came from the northernmost tip of Benguet. They were Kankanais. This couple migrated to Atok about the 1500’s following the slope of the mountainside until such time that they arrived in a place now Abiang and settled in Ili. Ili was a mountainous place but there was a plain portion surrounded with big trunks of pine woods. When Pawigue and his wife settled in Ili, nobody else lived in the place except two birds namely the Oles and Martinez. These birds became their neighbors. Every time THE Oles and the Martinez conversed with each other they spoke in Ibaloi. So when Pawigue and his wife begot children they learned how to speak Ibaloi too, because of constantly hearing the conversation between the two birds in Ibaloi. It was in Ili Abiang where the site of the Ibaloi cradle of civilization flourished in Atok. Up to this time, the remains of Pawigue and his wife are still there.

Pawigue and his wife together with their children would constitute the earliest group who settled in the place and can be considered the original people being the first to settle in the area.