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“The I-Badoy of Imbose” 

Very long ago, there came from far downstream in Pangasinan, some migrants into a place in Itogon called “Badoy”. There they settled until an epidemic broke up the group, causing death to many and resulting in further migration by the survivors. Among these survivors were seven families who moved north, following the Agno River upstream. Others moved back to south into northeastern Pangasinan. 

The seven families came upon a beautiful river valley where they found an abundance of edible root crops. They settled there, naming the place Imbose. Living a semi-nomadic existence, they depended on wild animals and plants. Hunting, fishing and swidden-farming were their preoccupations. They were happy. 

Another account of an i-papsaw or downstream migrant to Kabayan remains unattached to any remembered family genealogy. It is however among the more often recounted stories.