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“The Red-Eyed People of Batan” 

One hot day in an isolated spring near the thick forest of Batan, there appeared seven lady stars known as talao. They were bathing in the cool waters of the spring. After their bath, they proceeded to dress up in order to return to their home. One of these talao realized that her wings were nowhere to be found. The poor lady had to be left by her companions.

Tired and exhausted from trying to locate her wings, the lady sat down and started to cry. Suddenly, a young man with bow and arrow appeared. He offered to help the lady locate her wings and later implored her to come home with him since they could not find her wings. At first she hesitated but was soon persuaded since there was no one else to help her. They were married and after a long wait had a child. 

Her life on earth was a constant struggle against hardship and suffering. Not being of this made it harder for her to overcome difficulties and obstacles she had to face with her husband. Yet she persevered. Often times, she longed for her own home but since she knew no way of returning without her wings, she devoted herself singularly to her duties as a wife and mother. 

One day, while cleaning the chimney of their home, she came across a well-wrapped bundle. She was greatly surprised to find her wings, the same ones she thought she lost near the spring long ago. With great ecstasy, she wore her wings and decided to leave for her home immediately, leaving her little girl behind. She walked through the door, ready to fly into the sky when she saw her husband at a distance. She drew back a few paces, ran a few steps to the window and flew away. In her hurry, the tip of her wing struck the eyes of her child who cried in pain. The child’s eyes turned red from pain and her crying for the love of her mother. Several days passed and still the star lady did not return. From constant longing for her mother, the child’s eyes grew sore and red or nanonang. 

This trait remained with the little girl and her descendants thereafter. To this day, descendants of this family are easily identifiable because of their beautiful facial features and emanangnang eyes.

Batan remains among the most admired villages of Kabayan. Not only is it known for its peacefulness but also for its uniquely clear and cool air and water. Easily noticeable also is the beauty of its talao family descendants. 

Other stories recount more ancestors common to Kabayan, establishing some kind of similar origin.