I believe that being a public servant is not merely an honor but also a privilege. 

It is also a big responsibility as it demands service to the public

 with transparency, integrity, perseverance, and sincerity.”

  • His thirty seven (37) years of being a public servant is a testimony of his dedication and passion for serving the people of Benguet. His initiation as public... SEE MORE...

Information is power! This is a fact that has remained unchallenged until today when we are confronted with the alarming incidence of “fake information” both locally and globally.  The social media continually provides us with various information that requires us to be more discerning and analytical. We need to validate and verify the source information and make sure that the information is not distorted. The advances in the realm of information technology considerably impacts our everyday lives both at the personal and official levels.  As public servants, we owe it to the public to make sure that we relay information truthfully. We have launched our official website to ensure that the public is given accurate information that are relevant to their situation.  Our official announcements must therefore, be responsible as they are accurate and timely. We do not only inform but we provide a forum where an open dialogue can allow participation thereby providing an avenue of communication amongst and between us and the public we serve.   In this way, this website truly becomes an information, education and communication mechanism which is accessible to many especially those in our communities.

Our current situation in the Province demands vigilance and responsiveness. The effects of climate change, the preparedness for disasters, the threat to peace and order are critical realities that confront our communities.  We need to manage this situation efficiently and effectively.  One important element in being able to do this is the access to timely and accurate information so that we can make sound decisions and take appropriate actions to effectively address the situation.  We expect and hope that this official website can serve that purpose. Relative to this, we call on every public servant’s commitment and involvement in reaching out to all our communities.  That means being aware of the different situations affecting our communities and being able to respond directly or indirectly. It means being knowledgeable of policies, guidelines and procedures that matter during a particular situation.  Thus, we need to be involved regardless of our positions in government.  In this way, we can truly inform and “educate” both ourselves and those that we serve.

We are inspired by the commitment shown by almost all of us in the Provincial Government in trying to improve our performance in the ongoing move towards the strategic management of our operations.  We shared a desire to see Benguet as a “haven of sustainable communities” and as public servants, we have identified our core values:  Integrity, Competency, Accountability, Responsiveness and Excellence (ICARE).

As we look at the humongous task of preserving that very core of our identity which propels us to be responsible to the future amidst the influx of external interventions, we humbly recognize that we cannot do this alone.  At this juncture, we recall a debate where when it was said that when the leaders for some reason cannot lead, the people must lead. So it takes “us” to work together and make things happen following what is “right” in doing what needs to be done.  Our strength as your elected leaders comes from you who made it possible for us to be here in this position.  We ask you to inform us, talk with us and if we falter, lead and inspire us to have faith that in the end, what is good prevails for all of us.

We look forward to meaningful and fruitful dialogues with you thru this website.  We know that you have so much to share by way of your experiences. Together, we can make this province, our home, truly a haven of sustainable communities.

God bless us all!

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