Provincial Agriculturist Office

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Provincial Agriculturist Office
Lolita B. Bentres
Provincial Agriculturist
To ensure improvement of quality life in Benguet
Benguet: A haven of sustainable communities
1. Formulate measures and ensure the delivery of basic agricultural services and provision of adequate facilities relative to agricultural services;
2. Develop agricultural plans and strategies and implement the same;
3. Ensure the maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products;
4. Conduct location specific agricultural researches and assist in making available the appropriate technology arising out of and disseminating information on basic research on crops, preventive control of plant diseases and pests. Postharvest, value-addition and other agricultural matters which will maximize productivity;
5. Enforce rules and regulations relating to agriculture;
6. Assist in the establishment and extension services of demonstration farms;
7. Coordinate with government agencies and non-government organizations which promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible with environmental integrity;
8. Be in the frontline of delivery of basic agricultural services, particularly those needed for the survival of the inhabitants during and in the aftermath of manmade and natural disasters;
9. Continue in the strengthening and improvement of the productivity of provincial nurseries for more and sound quality planting materials
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