Functional Statement:

  • Care of the sick and injured through treatment and referrals
  • Promotion of health and improvement of health care delivery system through outreach programs, continuous human resource development and networking with other agencies, private sectors, government organizations (Gos) and non-government organizations (NGOs)


  • To provide quality health care to all patients/clients
  • To provide opportunities/resources for human resource development
  • To be involved in community services/outreach programs


  • Quality health care to all clients by empowered personnel through supportive -Department of Health and local government and through strengthened networking with Non-government organizations and other agencies for a healthy citizenry.
  • Twenty-four hour quality health services to all clients and a center of wellness hospital with all medicines, medical supplies & equipment's commensurate to a primary hospital always available.

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Functional Statement:

Takes charge of the custody, security and management of records of the agency and miscellaneous correspondence management relating to the internal and provincial administration affairs as well as the compilation of data and codification of rulings, opinions and decrees needed in the formulation of management policies.


To provide service to both internal and external clientele, particularly those who require information in order to perform their work effectively.


  • Controls and maintains vital documents and essential records to support the functions of the Provincial Governor's Office;

  • Monitors the flow of correspondence from the time of receipt up to their dispatch;

  • Provides documentary, information and reference requirements of top management, other government agencies and the general transacting public;

  • Insures the prompt disposal of obsolete and valueless records; and

  • Provides accurate information to any external and internal client who needs such information

Administrative Orders, 2013:

AO No. 2013-01(page1)
AO No. 2013-01(page2)
AO No. 2013-01(page3)
AO No. 2013-02(page1)
AO No. 2013-02(page2)
AO No. 2013-03
AO No. 2013-04

AO No. 2013-04(page2)

AO No. 2013-05(page1)
AO No. 2013-05(page2)
AO No. 2013-05(page3)
AO No. 2013-05(page4)
AO No. 2013-05(page5)
AO No. 2013-05(page6)
AO No. 2013-06

Administrative Orders, 2012:

AO No. 2012-01
AO No. 2012-03
AO No. 2012-05(page1)
AO No. 2012-05(page2)
AO No. 2012-05(page3)
AO No. 2012-05A
AO No. 2012-06
AO No. 2012-07
AO No. 2012-08(page1)
AO No. 2012-08(page2)
AO No. 2012-08(page3)
AO No. 2012-09
AO No. 2012-09A
AO No. 2012-10
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AO No. 2012-12(page2)
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AO No. 2012-13(page5)
AO No. 2012-14
AO No. 2012-15(page1)
AO No. 2012-15(page2)
AO No. 2012-16(page1)
AO No. 2012-16(page2)
AO No. 2012-17
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AO No. 2012-34
AO No. 2012-35
AO No. 2012-36(page1)
AO No. 2012-36(page2) 

Administrative Orders, 2011:

AO No. 2011-01(page1)
AO No. 2011-01(page2)
AO No. 2011-03(page1)
AO No. 2011-03(page2)
AO No. 2011-04page1
AO No. 2011-04page2
AO No. 2011-06
AO No. 2011-07
AO No. 2011-08(page1)
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AO No. 2011-09(page2)
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AO No. 2011-13
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AO No. 2011-24(page2)
AO No. 2011-24(page3)
AO No. 2011-25(page1)
AO No. 2011-25(page2)
AO No. 2011-26
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                        CITIZEN'S CHARTER                                                                                  FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT




 A. Regulate the keeping of domestic animals

B. Regulate and inspect livestock, poultry, fish, bee and meat products for public consumption

C. Enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals

D. Take the necessary measures to prevent, control, eradicate and treat all forms of animal diseases

E. Empower and capacitate livestock and poultry raisers, fisher folks and bee keepers to become successful entrepreneurs with due consideration to environment



 A premier gender responsive workforce endowed with globally-competitive, environmentally-balance and service-oriented professional skills to empel the public health and socio-economic development of the province.



 The people of Benguet enjoying self-sufficiency to safe meat, fish, honey and their products and living in a zoonotic disease-free community.


 A. Attained self-sufficiency in animal, fish and honey and their products

B. Accelerated production of quality animals for draft, breeding and commercial purposes

C. Increased livestock and poultry population

D. Managed animal wastes properly

E. Promoted and facilitated the advancement of organic agriculture

F. Established marketing linkages between livestock raisers and market outlets

G. Conserved fishery resources and developed fresh water