Functional Statement:

To collect taxes, fees and charges; to take custody of and exercise proper management of all provincial funds and other funds entrusted by law; to advise officials concerned on all matter relative to public finance. 


  • To increase collections of provincial revenues over the total amount estimated for the budget year and conduct tax campaign;
  • To provide fiscal advise to the Honorable Governor, the Honorable Members of the Sangguniang  Panlalawigan and other provincial, municipal, barangay and national officials regarding the disposition of provincial funds and other matters related to public finance.


  • Collects taxes, fees and charges throughout the province as authorized by law and ordinances and remits collections/shares due the municipal government and other entities;
  • Takes custody of and exercise proper management of all funds;
  • Takes charge of the disbursement of all provincial funds and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to the office by law or other competent authority;
  • Inspects under authority all private commercial and industrial establishments within the province in relation to the implementation of local tax ordinances;
  • Prepares & submits Electronic Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (eSRE) and other reports submitted to concerned agencies;
  • Deposit collections, open/renew time deposits;
  • Issues different Accountable Forms;
  • Participates in the inspection of purchases of goods/services and verifies reports & remittances of Accountable Officers;
  • Exercises technical supervision over all treasury offices of component municipalities of Benguet;
  • Exercises such other powers and performs other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances.

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