Functional Statement 

  • Management and supervision of the functions and activities of the office.
  • Certifies completeness and propriety of supporting documents of all disbursements made by the Province.

  • Attendance to meetings and seminars.


  • To install and maintain an internal audit system;

  • To submit monthly financial statements of the Province;

  • To remit GSIS, PHIC, Pag-Ibig premiums and loans, BGEMPCI loan amortization andcapital build-up and BIR withholding and percentage taxes and other trust fund collections;

  • To bill debtors


Accounting and Internal Audit Services Includes:

I. Management and Supervision 

  1. Administrative Services

  2. General Accounting Services

    • Prepare payrolls/vouchers for all offices

    • Review the completeness of supporting documents of vouchers and payrolls

  3. Bookkeeping Services

    • Prepare and submit financial statements to the Provincial Governor, Sangguniang Panlalawigan Office, Provincial Treasurer, Provincial Budget Officer, Commission on Audit and other National Government Offices concerned.

    • Apprise the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and other local government officials on the financial condition/operation of the Province.

    • Maintain individual ledger for officials/employees of the Province pertaining to monthly compensations and deductions.

    • Prepare remittance reports to GSIS, Pag-Ibig, PhilHealth, BGEMPCI and BIR

    • Prepare Accountants Advice for all checks issued by the Province

    • Sort and transmit all paid vouchers to the Commision on Audit for post audit.

    • Conduct inventory of drugs and medicines of the five (5) district hospitals of the Province.

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