Functional Statement:
I. Maintenance

  • Library collection management and organization
    • Accessions, classifies, catalogues, indexes and shelves reading materials
    • Discards outdated/ destroyed reading materials
    • Book binds/repairs torn/old issues of reading materials
  • Library customer assistance;
  • Enrichment of library materials and other facilities;

II. Support

Municipal/barangay libraries assistance, etc. 


  • To implement guidelines on classification, cataloguing, accessioning, indexing, custody and preservation of books, non book materials and condemnation of discarded reading materials;
  • To guide/assist library customer on the use of library facilities and library resources;

  • To actively acquire library collections, equipments and facilities;

  • To maintain/consolidate records on the different library services;

  • To introduce internetworking and computerization of library collection; and

  • To extend assistance to municipal/barangay libraries, etc. 


Library Services:

  • Classify, catalog, accession, index library collections

  • Provide assistance to library customers

  • Encode library collections to OPAC

  • Provide internet, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) system to the community

  • Provide assistance to municipal/barangay libraries