Functional Statement:

  • Care of the sick and injured through treatment and referrals
  • Promotion of health and improvement of health care delivery system through outreach programs, continuous human resource development and networking with other agencies, private sectors, government organizations (Gos) and non-government organizations (NGOs)


  • To provide quality health care to all patients/clients
  • To provide opportunities/resources for human resource development
  • To be involved in community services/outreach programs


  • Quality health care to all clients by empowered personnel through supportive -Department of Health and local government and through strengthened networking with Non-government organizations and other agencies for a healthy citizenry.
  • Twenty-four hour quality health services to all clients and a center of wellness hospital with all medicines, medical supplies &equipments commensurate to a primary hospital always available.

Brief History

Dennis Molintas Memorial Hospital was established through the enactment of Batas PambansaBlg. 366 which was approved on April 7, 1983 with the initiative of the late Congressman Andres Cosalan Sr. The hospital is a 10-bed capacity municipal hospital located in the municipality of Bokod, Province of Benguet. In 1984, Mr. Toribio and Mrs. Elisa Sinas donated a parcel of land at Luacan, Daclan, Bokod, Benguet where the hospital building was constructed. Hospital operations initially started on December 1, 1984. The hospital, however, was formally inaugurated on December 11, 1984 and the hospital services continued thereafter, headed by DR. ESTEBAN T. PIOK, the first Chief of Hospital.

After almost five (5) months of hospital operations, a strong earthquake which occurred on April 24, 1985, partially damaged the hospital building. Hospital facilities and services were ttransferred to a prefab building of the Daklan Elementary School, to give way for rehabilitation of the damaged hospital units.

In 1988, hospital operations resumed at the renovated/repaired hospital building which was inaugurated on March 10, 1988. It was then headed by DR. WINTON A. YAP.

Meanwhile, on November 29, 1989, Republic Act 6177 was approved changing the name of Dennis Molintas Municipal Hospital to Dennis Molintas Memorial Hospital.

On July 16, 1990, a stronger earthquake totally damaged the hospital and hospital operations were again transferred to a prefab building of the Daklan Elementary School.

On February 1993, a new building was completed, which remains to be the main hospital building at present. Dr. Eduardo B. Calpito assumed as the Chief of Hospital in 1995. Under the management of Dr. Calpito the following structures were built: Multipurpose Building/Hall, Doctors' Quarters, Water Analysis Laboratory, Laundry Room, Dirty Kitchen and the Morgue. In 2010, JICA donated new x-ray machine to the facility.

The resignation of Dr. Calpito paved way to the assumption of Dr. Meliarazon F. Dulay as Medical Officer IV- COH up to present.

In 2012, additional hospital equipment and a two-storey building hospital ward were provided by DOH through their Health Facility Enhancement Program.

Early this year, Honorable Governor Nestor B. Fongwan through his Provincial Development Fund funded the renovation and improvement of the hospital building which include the construction of new Nutrition and Dietary room (phase 1) and a comfort room for male and female outside the hospital.At the moment, there were 20 permanent staff employees, 3 casual employees, 3 contract of service and 3 agency guards. Also, DMMH is a PhilHealth Accredited Hospital, Baby Friendly Hospital, and a Red Orchid awardee.

General Profile

Dennis Molintas Memorial Hospital is a 10-bed capacity hospital, Philhealth accredited and duly licensed as Level I Health facility by the Department of Health. The hospital is being operated by the Local Government of Benguet Province. It is located at Barangay Daclan, Bokod, Benguet, more or less 60 kms from Baguio City.As a level I health facility, the hospital has a Secondary laboratory, Level I X-ray Facility, Dental Clinic and a Pharmacy.At present, the hospital facility is composed of nine (9) buildings, as follows:

1. Main building (wards, OR/DR, OPD, ER, Medical Records, Pharmacy, X-ray, Kitchen, Administrative Office, Laboratory, Nurses Station/qts, Labor Room, Newborn Screening Room and MCR.

2. Doctor's Quarters

3. Multi-purpose building (Conference hall, Supply room, Store room)

4. Water Analysis Laboratory

5. Linen/Laundry Room and Dirty Kitchen

6. Morgue

7. Waste Recovery Facility

8. DOH HFEP building (Isolation Room, Private Rooms, ABTC, Dental Clinic)

9. Hospital Kitchen (Nutrition and Dietetics Unit-Phase I)

DMMH is the core referral center of the municipalities of Bokod and Kabayan, thus the inter-local health zone of the district is called the Bokod-Kabayan-DMMH District Health System. Most patients/clients of the hospital come from these two municipalities and from the nearby barangay of Nueva Vizcaya.

Hospital services include the following:

1. General Medicine

2. Obstetrics and Gynecology

3. Pediatrics

4. Surgery

5. Ancillary Services/Diagnostics

a. Secondary Laboratory Services

b. X-ray Services

c. Pharmacy Services

d. Dental Services

6. Hospital Operations and Patient Support Services

a. Property and Supply services

b. Cashiering, billing and claims processing

c. Health Planning/Budgeting

d. Transportation Services

e. 24-hour Security Services

f. Linen and Laundry Services

g. Nutrition and Dietetics Services

h. Housekeeping and maintenance

7. Health education, promotion and counseling

Other Hospital Program


Immunization to newborn includes BCG and Hepa B vaccine. Tetanus Toxoid is being given to pregnant mother during prenatal check-up. The immunizations of the newborns are continued at the Health Centers. Only the newborn dose is given in the hospital.


The newborn screening is offered to all newborns delivered in the hospital after 24hours from delivery. Outborn babies are also catered for newborn screening. The DOH gives a supplemental NBS filter quarterly in addition to filters being purchased by the hospital. It is covered in the Newborn Care Package together with other services for the newborn. For indigent patients who have no Philhealth coverage, the DOH filter is used for free.


Family Planning (FP) Services offered includes temporary methods such as DMPA injection, Oral Contraceptive Pills, IUD insertion and Intradermal Implantation. The FP commodities are being given by the DOH thru the Provincial Health Office. A permanent method, the Bilateral Tubal Ligation is being done in the hospital on schedule basis.


DMMH was one of the certified Baby Friendly Hospitals, who initiates and promotes breastfeeding to all newborn and babies up to six months. Bottle feeding is not tolerated in the hospitals.


The hospital practice waste segregation of the different types of waste. There is a placental pit constructed for the placenta, a septic vault for sharps. The recyclable materials are being recycled by the hospital staffs. The compostable waste is being disposed in the compost pit. Report on waste generated is being done monthly.


During the annual tree planting activity of the Province of Benguet, we requested that the hospital staffs will plant in the hospital premises. Different plant species were planted in the hospital such as Kallandra, bamboo specie, Palo santo and vitiber grass. During the previous years, the staffs also planted Palawan cherry.As part of the clean and green programs, different fruit trees were also planted in the hospital such as Guyabano, Papaya, citrus plants and coffee. Most of the seedlings came from the Provincial Agriculture and a collection of the hospital employees.There is also a hospital garden being maintained in the hospital producing vegetables for hospital consumption such as Baguio beans, pechay, eggplant, tomatoes and a "Garden in Kusina" was established where different herbs for kitchen used are planted.And as part of the beautification of the hospital surroundings, different ornamentals and flowers are planted.


Many activities are included in this program which included the Hataw exercises for the employees which is done at least once or twice a week. Tobacco Control Programs is also being implemented in the hospital whereby different IEC materials are being distributed and posted in the hospital vicinity. The hospital is a smoke free zone and no one is allowed to smoke most especially the employees and even visitors.


The hospital is accredited by the DOH as an animal Bite Treatment Center. We are accredited by the Philhealth for the Animal Bite Package. At present, the vaccines being given by the DOH is not sufficient, so the hospital will purchase additional vaccines for Philhealth reimbursement of the payment of the vaccine to avoid out of pocket expense of the patient and to lessen referrals to Baguio and La Trinidad just for vaccination.


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