Functional Statement:

       The office takes charge of the promotion and development of the animal, dairy, and fishery industries in the province. 


  • To attain self-sufficiency in foodstuffs and by –products of animals and fish origin;

  • To accelerate the production of quality animals for breeding, draft and commercial purposes;

  • To ensure public health safety through quality animal food products;

  • To conserve the fishery resources and increase the production of freshwater fishes in the province;

  • To prevent and control the occurrence of animal diseases in the province. 


The Provincial Veterinarian shall take charge of the veterinary office, and:

  • Spearheads/supervises the preparation of the office’s work plans, budget and procurement plans, including the implementation of same after the approval by the Honorable Members of the SangguniangPanlalawigan and the Honorable Provincial Governor;

  • Represents the office in meetings and acts as resource person in seminars and farmers classes;

  • Coordinates with NGA’s , NGO’s, and other LGU’s regarding related programs, projects and activities of the office;

  • Conducts active monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases in the various municipalities of the province;

  • Monitors/Supervises meat inspection service in municipal slaughterhouses and wet markets;

  • Analyzes and submits required reports, and

  • Exercises such other powers and perform other duties and functions as may be prescribed by the governor or ordinance.

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