altFuntional Statement:

  • To take charge in the management, supervision and up keep of the Benguet Provincial Jail; Security and Control of the inmates/prisoners.


  • To provide maximum security of inmates/prisoners detained at the Benguet Provincial Jail, and properties of the province within the area of responsibility as well as government officials and employees seeking government protection.


  • Provide escorts of prisoners during court trials, investigations, approved court pass, medical check-ups or while in transit to other local or national reformatory centers;
  • Maintain the up to date procurement and distribution of prisoner's food supplies and other needs;
  • Provide spiritual needs and recreational activities of the prisoners;
  • Encourage prisoners to engage in constructive activities such as making picture frames, wall or table decorations, toys etc. which can be sold to the public in order to meet some of their personal needs.
  • Spearhead the Prison Deterrence Education Program in order to reduce incarceration and prevent commission of crimes;
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.