According to the CLUP, “the municipality is known to be the heart of Ibaloi area situated along the southern part of the province. Based on the CY 2000 NSO survey result.

35.98% of the population speak Ibaloy; 26.48% Ilokano; 10.88% Kankana-ey; 6.82% Pangasinense; 4.37% Ifugao; 3.83% Kalanguya; 3.82% Tagalog; 1.70% Kalinga and 6.14% others.

The “Benguet History” book quotes Scheerer who wrote that Nabaloy was the language of the Ibaloy and which contain elements of “Pangasinan, Ilocano, and a third which may be genuine Nabaloy or which will more probably dissolve itself again upon further examination into various components”(in Bagamaspad & Hamada-Pawid:34).