A. Family

In the family the father is considered the decision-maker although both husband and wife have responsibilities in economic production. They both work in the fields and take care of raising animals. The woman is expected to take care of the children although both parents help in integrating the young into the culture.

In community affairs it is usually the man who participates in the discussion and decision-making. Planning activities are also the responsibility of the men. The women participate by implementing what is delegated to them.

In terms of inheritance, males have priority over lands because the female who gets married leaves the place. The husband is expected to take care of her. The house is given to the child who is the last to live there.

The general practice when it came to marriage was endogamy-marrying within the community. Genealogies in the community reveal that people were interrelated. The marriage of kin was also allowed in order to keep property within the clan. At the same time marriage between disputing parties was a solution to end the dispute