Sablan is a hilly but a fertile municipality of 8,640 hectares. It is located at the northwestern part of Benguet. The municipality is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Kapangan; on the east by the Municipality of La Trinidad; on the south by the Municipality of Tuba and on the west by Aringay, La Union. About half of the area is used mainly on farming and the rest is covered with forest and for other commercial purposes.

The town’s boundary between Tuba is the beautiful Asin Hot Springs, a tourist resort wherein people coming from different places flock in during holidays especially during summer months. We also have the lovely scenery of the Triple “B”, Bagong, Balluay and Banengbeng which looks like a tripod design, surrounded by mountains, for which to set a big pot. Also the beautiful but undeveloped waterfalls in Kidpol which is below the Poblacion on the eastern side, which is often visited by people who loves adventure such as swimming and fishing.

Likewise, Sablan is composed of eight (8) barangays namely: Poblacion, Kamog, Bagong, Banengbeng, Banangan, Bayabas and Pappa.

Majority of the inhabitants of this municipality are the Ibalois. There are also Ilocanos and some Kankana-eys and Ifugaos.