I. THE FAMOUS TIKING AGINDANG (A retold Story Compiled by Johnny M. Carlos)

During the time of our forefather's forefather, Buguias was a thick forest were wild life are abundant for hunting such as Makawas (wild deer), Bango (wild pig), Sabag (wild chicken) and many more kind of birds. Rivers and creeks were also filled with aguatic fishes and plants such as the Dalit (fresh water eel), Bakbak & Kadew (frogs), wadingan, Gaki (fresh water crabs), dayap, kotobbey, Tomlid, and more kinds of edible algaes.

In one of the settlement of people called Baugan, there live a hunter named Agindang. The people live through hunting, fishing and making uma (kaingin system) for planting Togi (sweet potatoes) and legumes such as batong and etab. In hunting, they use spears, bow and arrows, bolos, sling, tagdey, bawoe etc.  In fishing, they uses the following to catch fishes; obe, bakgeng, aldew, sallong, apayaw, pana, and bana-it.

One day, Agindang was walking home carrying his hunted wild pig on his back using the "Dagi" was grab by the big bird/eagle named "Toldo". Since the Dagi is attached to his shoulder, Agindang was also carried up to the nest of the Toldo. The nest was located along a deep ravine were people cannot climb nor go down. Agindang then live with the young and eat whatever hunt of the Toldo.

From that time, his family and neighbors were worried of his where about. Months, weeks and days have passed without a word from Agindang. This length of time enable the youngs of the Toldo to fully develop and able to fly. This gave Agindang the chance to ride with the young Toldo and bring him down on that deep ravine. He then went home and told his story to his family and neighbors.

Today, the Toldo vanished due to hunting and uma where people get their existence and no more food for the Toldo.

In memory of Agindang’s hardship in that cave, when he died, his relatives buried him in that cave. They built a ladder from waka, vine and called the cave "Tiking Agindang".