D. The Origin of Lowlands, Mountains, Earthquakes and Lightning

Lowlands and Mountains. When the world was young and very level, people could hardly find their homes. Oftentimes they get lost. God thought to change the surface of the land. He made it rain for many days and nights. The earth became soft; those portions settled and formed the plains and valleys. The hard part remained elevated and formed the hills and mountains.

Earthquakes: There was a giant, the servant of Lumawig, who was ordered to drive away the devil spreading sickness, but he disobeyed. As punishment, Lumawig set the earth upon the giant’s shoulders to support as long as he lives. Whenever he scratches, the earth trembles. If he has itches and scratches often, the earthquakes are frequent. If the giant would die and drop the earth, that would be the end of the world.

Lightning: If the lightning strikes near a house or barrio, it is believed that Lumawig wants an offering. Each family in the barrio, at the same time makes sacrifice in the form of food and drink offerings. Those who would not do so are punished by being afflicted with itches.