C. The Legend of Gatan

It was believe that Gatan came down to earth as the representative of Lumawig, (God), with the mission to teach, lead and protect man. He was wise, strong and had supernatural powers. At times he went up to heaven to confirm with Lumawig on matters of administering justice securing food for man and how man may worship. He understood and spoke of the language of the plants and animals.

One day Gatan and his brother went out to hunt. Their hound jumped upon a wild boar. They caught the boar and built camp. The next day Gatan instructed his brother to salt and dry meat. Gatan set out with the dog again.

Instead of doing as instructed, the brother slept and did not notice the “beclat” that came to devour the meat when Gatan arrived, he saw that the meat was all gone. He accused his brother of having eaten all the meat. The brother resented the accusation very much that he offered his stomach and intestines to be cut open to prove his innocence. Gatan open the stomach and intestines of his brother but found no trace of the meat. He went around the camp to find out for himself who eat the meat.

Behind the camp, he found the tracts of a big snake. He traced the tract until he found the “beclat”. Infuriated, Gatan drew his hunting knife to kill. But the “beclat” implored to be spared and as reward he would teach Gatan the prayer for healing wounds. Gatan dared the “beclat” to heal his brother’s wounds. The “beclat” healed the wounds. This made Gatan happy and was glad to learn the prayer. From that time on, Gatan could heal wounds.