5. Suggestions for Forest Preservation and Maintenance With the present condition of the Buguias forest the following were suggested for forest preservation and protection: Inculcation of values for forest conservation at the family level: The concept of paniyew may be declining but the forest should be looked upon as one important element of ecological balance. Preservation of the forest is foremost in human survival. Support government programs and private initiative: The DENR is doing its best to reforest and preserve the forest. In some areas, there are partners of the CHARM in implementing agro-forestry and reforestation projects. Barangays should have sustainable reforestation programs and continue the work started as contained in the BNRMP/BDP. Fire parapets: These are fortifications done to impede the spread of fire by clearing areas of combustible materials and building walls made of boulder and of creating a wall by clearing the boulder. Kabite or nilsang: Applied to gullies by the use of stone or soil sods in a riprap manner to contain erosions. Created flat surface can be planted with deep rooting plants intended to vegetate the eroded area. Kulog: Deep canal used to divert and contain runoff water. The kulog may be used also as animal pathway ant its wall can keep animals at bay. Planting of maguey: Maguey is a fire resistant plant that can be planted as firewall. It can even act as fence, suited for communal boundary lines.