4. Present Condition of the Forest The Buguias forest is now seriously depreciated. The residents have forgotten the time immemorial value of forest conservation and preservation. The concept of paniyew is now considered as mere superstition. No applicable laws from the indigenous people are ever passed until the forest is at its desperate state. Worst, the residents show no remorse in the destruction of the forest. Foremost, the growth in population has brought about forest denudation. Before the introduction of LPG, firewood is cut down from the forest for cooking. While the logging concession has closed a decade ago, illegal loggers had sawed great quantities of forest pine lumbers for building houses. As the population grows, so is the demand for pine lumbers for building materials. Fires have also contributed to the destruction of the forest. Especially in a long dry spell, perennial fires that are started either by accident or by unscrupulous person have burned forest covers. With the burning, tree saplings are destroyed and no new trees have grown to replace those that are cut. Even reforested areas are not spared from fires. Commercial farming, however, is the principal cause of forest depredation. While the whole forest of Buguias is declared as forest reservation, upland vegetables are fast replacing the trees. Moreover, machines are now used to bulldoze the mountainsides, turned into vegetable farms. While the residents must farm for their needs, there is an urgent need for them to appreciate and realize that the conservation and protection of the forest is of paramount necessity for their and the succeeding generations’ survival.